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Tue, Nov. 19

Slice of life: Winslow Librarian Docia Blalock

WINSLOW, Ariz. - Docia Blalock is the librarian for the city of Winslow. She has two full-time and four part-time city employees on her staff. On Aug. 1 she talked with the Navajo-Hopi Observer about the library and her position.

How long have you been the librarian for the City of Winslow?

I've been the city's librarian since the winter of 2002 (10 years). I have been a librarian since 1977. I am a part of the city's staff and get to participate in various decisions and informational components of the city's operation instead of just seeing only the inside of the library walls.

Where were you a librarian before you worked in Winslow?

I was a librarian in several different libraries in the state of Georgia. I got my Masters in Librarianship from Emory University in Atlanta and worked for the Atlanta Public Library. I have also made forays into the private sector managing various nongovernmental libraries.

Did you always want to be a librarian?

No. But I was always a reader. From childhood to adult I have always been a reader and fascinated by books and I was an English major in college. As a young adult, one of the first jobs I got was as a librarian in South Carolina, which was the beginning of my career in Library Science/Management.

How many hours are you open here a week?

About 35, Tuesday through Saturday with abbreviated hours on Saturday.

Yes, we are the local DVD store and that collection in particular is one of our most popular. Half of the collection is a county collection that gets rotated through the county system periodically. Our half of the DVD collection is from donations to us from citizens. We welcome the donations.

How many items are in your library?

We have over 29,000 items. When it comes to book usage, if for instance we buy a $20 book, it would not be unusual for that book to be checked out 80 times. But if 80 people had to purchase that book to read it, their total expense would be $1,600. Our library is a dollar saver for the readers in Winslow

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