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Mon, Sept. 28

Seven Winslow Bulldogs make Sectional All Star Team

The Winslow Bulldogs have five players on the Division IV Section I All Sectional Team. Winslow also has five players on the second team selections and two who received honorable mention.

Running back Kelly Woods, wide receiver Henry Montiel, also a first team return specialist, offensive lineman Tristen VanArsdale, defensive lineman Jack Hardy and defensive back James Martinez, also a first team punter, made the All Sectional first team.

Wide receiver Shane Sweet, offensive lineman Louis Pettit, defensive lineman Jesi Betsoi and linebackers Akkeem Foster and Roderick Cleveland made the All Section second team. Lehauli Serious and C.J. Chacon received honorable mention.

Nolan Cook of Blue Ridge was named the Offensive Player of the Year and Cody Tenney of Show Low was the Defensive Player of the Year.

The first team offense included quarterbacks Redmond Delmar of Monument Valley and Chase Walden of Snowflake; running backs Dallin Crandall of Show Low, Kelly Woods of Winslow, Dallin Merrill of Snowflake and Dominique Yazzie of Chinle; wide receivers Trevor Solomon of

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Show Low, Henry Montiel of Winslow, Yesi Malala of Monument Valley and Kevin Thompson of Chinle; tight ends Doug Brimhall of Snowflake and Rain Begody of Chinle; offensive linemen Chris Perpignassi and Matt Glassy of Show Low, Mikael Yazzie of Monument Valley, Tristen VanArsdale of Winslow, Tony Gog Holden of Blue Ridge and Reggie Peterson and J.T. Bradley of Snowflake; return specialists Ben Watson of Blue Ridge and Henry Montiel of Winslow and kickers Donny Borazo of Show Low and Cody McBride of Blue Ridge.

The first team defense includes defensive linemen Walker Lee and Anthony Kenny of Blue Ridge, Jack Hardy of Winslow, Chad Johnson of Snowflake, Travis Grey, Jr of Monument Valley, Kevin Self of Holbrook and Colton Merrill and Jace Wyatt of Show Low; linebackers include Chans Cox, Easton Wenzell and Bradley Syth of Blue Ridge, Shem Bowman and Braccin Tanner of Snowflake, Tye Nelson of Chinle and Jamie Miller of Show Low; defensive backs are Ben Watson and Isaac Schimmel of Blue Ridge, Bruce Rova and Brett Van Winkle of Show Low, James Martinez of Winslow, Bruce Shumway of Snowflake and Kevin Tom of Monument Valley and punters James Martinez of Winslow and Colton Farr of Show Low.

The second team offense includes quarterbacks Skyler Hall of Blue Ridge ad Colby Maxwell of Show Low; running backs Tito Bailey of Monument Valley, Tyler Button of Blue Ridge and Clay Gishey and Michael Pineda of Ganado; wide receivers Quinten Clark of Show Low, Kevin Mitchell of Monument Valley, Shane Sweet of Winslow and Nick Hall of Snowflake; tight ends Brett Baker of Blue Ridge and C.J. Plum of Holbrook; offensive linemen Ty Bennett of Page, Nathan Tsosie of Chinle, Nikko Feraza of Holbrook, Grant Nox of Blue Ridge, Mylar Calamity of Monument Valley, Louis Pettit of Winslow, Marin Nelson of Ganado and Ryan Davis of Show Low; return specialists Daniel Foster of Holbrook and Kevin Tom of Monument Valley and kickers Mangus Robertson of Holbrook and Kurt Solomon of Snowflake.

Second team defensive all-stars include defensive linemen Trenton Draper and Joshua Smith of Chinle, Austin Mills and Robbie Beauchamp of Show Low, Jesi Betsoi of Winslow, Zack Wider of Snowflake, Zack Shipley of Monument Valley and Brandon Nez of Ganado; linebackers Akkeem Foster and Roderick Cleveland of Winslow, Clayton Hunt and Sheldon Silversmith of Holbrook, Josh Kelly of Snowflake, Johan Begay, Mateo Herrera and Brandon Nez of Monument Valley, Dusty Guy and Dejuan Betom of Chinle, Brennan Schimmel and Nathaniel Harp of Blue Ridge and Ben McLeod and Kalev Farr of Show Low; and punters Chase Walden of Snowflake and Chans Cox of Blue Ridge.

Honorable mention went to Gregory Adams and Ashley Alene of Monument Valley, Darrell Belsoy and Raushen Curley of Ganado, Derek Flake of Snowflake, Josh Vanpowerr and Rusty Allen of Show Low, Lehauli Serious and C.J. Chacon of Winslow, Kordell Chee and Sherman Francis of Chinle, Chris Johnson and Andrew Lopez of Blue Ridge, Kyler Ashley and Jackson Colton of Window Rock and C. J. Rap son and Dave Wilson of Ganado.

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