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Sun, Oct. 17

Hopi Tribe wants transparency regarding Little Colorado Water Rights Settlement
Documents available on tribe's website

KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. - The Hopi Tribe has posted documents on its website related to settlement of the tribe's Little Colorado River water rights claims. The documents are now posted on the tribe's website for public access. The Hopi Tribal Council also instructed the Office of the Tribal Secretary to have copies of the documents available to the public and also to the CSA offices for distribution.

On March 13, the Tribal Council voted to release the documents, subject to review by the Tribe's attorneys to ensure there were no court restrictions or other agreements that would prevent the Hopi Tribal Council from releasing the documents.

"Throughout the settlement process there have been various protective orders and confidentiality agreements," said Hopi Tribal Chairman LeRoy Shingoitewa. "We want to make sure none of them are violated. At the same time, the Tribal Council and I believe strongly that the people should have as much information as possible in order to make an informed opinion about the proposed settlement."

Sipaulovi Representative George Mase, Chairman of the Tribal Council's Water and Energy Team, agreed with Chairman Shingoitewa's assessment.

"Our team has been working on the settlement for several years and are familiar with the settlement documents," said Mase. "But, we also need input from the Hopi people before the Council makes a decision on the settlement proposal."

The Hopi Tribal Council's decision to release the settlement proposal, together with other documents related to the proposal, came after negotiators reached agreement on a draft proposal they all could recommend to their clients. The settlement proposal would resolve the Hopi Tribe's water rights claims for the Little Colorado River, which currently are the subject of state court review in the Little Colorado River adjudication.

For more information about the settlement, visit the Hopi Tribe's website at or call the Office of Tribal Secretary at (928) 734-3132.

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