Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Wed, Sept. 22

In loving memory of Goy Begay June 12, 1920-April 3, 2011

We, the children and grand children would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped and encourage us during the loss of our dad and Chei. To his family he was a brother and an uncle. He was a hard worker, farmer/rancher, never doubted a project, and preaching the Word of God was his passion.

Thank you to Black Mesa Bible Church, Twin Mesa Bible Church, Hardrock Chapter House, Paul and Thelma Johnson, Albert and Katie Johnson, Tashie Bedonie, Tammy Bedonie, Etta Badoni, Alisa Badoni, Carol Badoni, John and Ruth McCabe, Clarence and Mary Lou Blackrock, Sarah McCabe, Maxine Kescoli, Mattie Yazzie, Beulah Yazzie, Arlene Yazzie, Dodge Goy, Hosteen Goh and Family, Ella Guy and Family, Ella Decker and Family, Claude and Alice Guy andFamily, Wilfred and Beulah Yazzie and Family, Helen Tishie, Imogene Goy, Caroline Benally, Linda Goy, Robert Goy, Albert Goy, Calbert Goy, Joe Lee and Betty Lou Begay, Nina Yazzie, Leita Yazzie, Jimmy Yazzie, Tom and Eva Yazzie, Loren Yazzie, Simon and Irene Crank, Linda Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tracey, Mr. andMrs. Jerry Sloan, Jackson Williams, Emmaline Naha, Gertrude Adams, Jesse & Marcelena Pashano, Hattie Silas, Dora Manson, Helena Polk, Faith Jelly and Ella Mae Purley, Craig Yazzie, The Lee Family from Wide Ruins also to Greers Mortuary, and Winslow Campus of Care.

Thank you to the ones we forgot to mention, we appreciate your support and encouragements.

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