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Wed, Nov. 13

Law and Order Day set for Nov. 16

UPPER VILLAGE OF MOENKOPI, Ariz. - The Law and Order Committee met to plan for the upcoming Third Annual Law and Order Day to be held on Nov. 16. Some of the items discussed were the theme of the event. Much of the focus this year will give participants education to empower themselves to make a difference in their community.

"We need to bring education to the elderly about things they don't even know about like how certain drugs look and what younger people are into as far as drugs and other substances they currently don't know about," said Roderick Holmes from the Hopi Range Enforcement Services.

Jeremy King said an elderly woman asked him what what meth looked like. It was agreed that education of the elderly needs to be a focus. Another focus was to get organizations from the main part of the Hopi Reservation to attend.

Another topic of discussion was the fact the jail in Hopi is overfilled. Many times individuals go in for only eight hours and are released into the same environment. This creates a revolving door for many alcoholics. King stated

"If an individual wants to turn themselves in for a warrant they can't because there is no room in the jail," said King.

In a recent public presentation on the update of Hopi Ordinance 21, Chief Judge Trujillo was asked if there are new laws to address crime on the reservation where will these individuals be housed since there is no room in the jail.

"There are options such as using available beds in the federal prison system but there are only 100 beds for the entire United States for tribes. I have spoken to the Chairman and he has pledged his support to build a drug and alcohol treatment facility to treat offenders maybe next to the current jail. But this is a challenge that we must face in incarcerating individuals currently," said Trujillo.

Some suggestions were made to start ordering individuals to attend 12 step support groups and other treatment options that will allow them to get help. The Hopi Behavioral Service is backlogged by as many as two months since many times the sentence imposed by the court is to go to behavioral health rather then seeking treatment elsewhere such as support groups or other alternatives such as peer counseling.

Jon Joshvema from the Hopi Behavioral Health Service stated there are efforts to assess the situation to make it more effective.

It was agreed that people need to speak up and let tribal government realize the need for more jails and possibly treatment centers on the Hopi Reservation

The Law and Order Day will be held on Nov. 16 at the Moenkopi Legacy Inn. The time is still to be determined. For more information call King at (928) 283-6231 or email

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