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Mon, Sept. 27

Coconino County Attorney David Rozema announces re-election campaign
Incumbent seeks second term

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - County Attorney David Rozema announced on Nov. 18 he seeks a second term. A veteran prosecutor with more than 19 years of trial and administrative experience, Rozema plans to build on the successes from his first term to make Coconino County a safer and better place in which to live.

"It is a great honor to serve the people of Coconino County. I am proud of our office's accomplishments during the last three years," said Rozema. "Every first-term promise has been kept, every program enhanced in its effectiveness with key advancements in prevention and deferral services throughout the county."

Coconino County's chief prosecutor stressed the importance of collaboration with others in noting the following accomplishments benefiting the Navajo and Hopi Nations -

• Continued service to communities by the Western Navajo-Hopi Meth Task Force, a group Rozema helped form in April, 2006;

• Graffiti removal throughout the Western District;

• Played a key role in the creation of a new DUI/drug court that serves the citizens of Page, LeChee, Coppermine, Kaibeto, Inscription House, Navajo Mountain and Bodaway Gap;

• Conducted regular open office hours at various chapter houses with Supervisors Lena Fowler and Mandy Metzger;

• Conducted monthly open office hours in Page, meeting with citizens from Page and the surrounding communities;

• Participated in many community activities, e.g. To'Nanees'Dizi parades and Running For a Stronger and Healthier Navajo Nation;

• Conducted numerous drug prevention activities for children, families and the elderly, e.g. Boys and Girls Club, Health Fairs, Red Ribbon events.

• Sponsored "Live Drug Free" poster contests for sixth graders in Navajo and Hopi elementary schools; and,

• Attended numerous Western Navajo Agency, Chapter and District meetings;

Participated in Moenkopi Law and Order Committee events.

Rozema continued, "I believe that the County Attorney's Office should promote healthier, safer communities while advocating for justice. We do that by being involved in prevention and other positive endeavors throughout the county. We will continue our efforts to remove graffiti and have developed a three-phased strategy to make these improvements sustainable. We believe we can make a difference."

"I love being the Coconino County Attorney," said Rozema. "I have a strong vision to move us ahead in my second term. We will build on our new programs, making them better than ever. We will continue to support rehabilitation whenever possible, while taking a hard line against dangerous, repeat offenders. We will serve the entire county, including our Native American communities. We will set the standard for collaboration and efficient utilization of resources. And most importantly, we will continue to serve the people of Coconino County with integrity, fairness and a big heart", Rozema concluded.

Rozema, a 57-year-old Democrat, was voted into office by an overwhelming majority. He and wife Linda have lived in Flagstaff for 24 years, where they raised their four daughters. In addition to serving with the Coconino County Attorney's Office for 19 years, Rozema is also a licensed attorney with the Navajo Nation, where he has argued successfully before the Navajo Supreme Court on behalf of his tribal client in a case setting important precedent that honors Native traditional law and protects Native jury verdict (Downey v. Bigman, SC-CV-07-95, Navajo 11/09/05).

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