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Sun, Nov. 17

Greyhills Academy hires new CEO

<i>Tyler Tawahongva/NHO</i><br>
New Greyhills Academy CEO Beverly Crawford.

<i>Tyler Tawahongva/NHO</i><br> New Greyhills Academy CEO Beverly Crawford.

TUBA CITY, Ariz. - Greyhills Academy High School is announcing that they have filled the CEO position with a veteran of the reservation school system.

Beverly Crawford, Navajo/Hopi from Seba Delkai from the Todacheenie and from Walpi village of the Flute clan, was once a BIA Line Officer in Tuba City. She came to Chinle to spend more time with her sister, who was ill. Andrew Tah, BIA Line Officer in Chinle, wanted to come to Tuba City so it was the perfect opportunity to switch. She went to Chinle and was able to be with her sister which also brought Tah to the Tuba City area.

She continued her career in the educational field after retiring from the BIA and going to the Gila River community to help run a grant school. Then she worked two years at Wide Ruins as a principal then on to a charter school in Phoenix that closed because they did not achieve Average Yearly Progress (AYP).

She then found herself consulting for Pinon schools then holding the interim CEO position at the Flagstaff dorm. After working in Nazlini and living out of her suitcase for a few years, she decided to apply for the CEO position at Greyhills to get some stability in her life.

Crawford says that she was impressed with the cohesiveness of the Greyhills Governing Board and feels confident that she will be able to work with the Board. Before coming to Greyhills she heard that there was a good staff and she confirmed that she sees people working really hard and feels that there needs to be better communication.

Since coming to Greyhills, Crawford has tried to become more visible and visited the school campus to different areas such as the dorm to check the logs. She was quite surprised when the staff remarked to her that no CEO had ever done that before.

With the cafeteria staff, she made another favorable impression by helping serve the food since she has a food handler's permit. The cafeteria staff also commented that no administrator had ever done that before.

To build a better rapport with staff, she says, "I prefer to be addressed as Beverly instead of Ms. Crawford to create a more positive environment and be equal with the staff."

She sees the students at Greyhills as smart students and sets expectations that they can be successful.

Lately she has been trying to get feedback from staff on the direction of the school. She is in the process of making sure all the policies and procedures as well as the reauthorization criteria are all in synch. On her desk sit massive binders containing a number of policies, which she has been researching thoroughly. She would like to see what parents want from the school by getting more parental involvement.

One thing she is committed to doing is addressing substance abuse issues with education and prevention instead of the disciplinary actions such as suspension without any consideration for prevention. She hopes to see a plan come together in the near future.

She says she is very happy to be at Greyhills and says it feels like home. The only thing left for her to do is find a homesite lease in the area and reestablish her roots.

Greyhills has seemingly found the right person for the job in Crawford and much appreciation goes to interim CEO Edwin Tano for filling the position during the vacancy.

Tano will return to teaching students at Greyhills.

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