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Sat, Sept. 19

Shelly applauds delivery of water to Western Navajo

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. - Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly on Tuesday announced that a water tanker truck delivered safe drinking water to residents in Leupp, Black Falls, Grand Falls and Box Springs the previous Friday and applauded the Department of Water Resources (DWR) for their hard work.

"I am excited to announce for the first time-ever a 4,000 gallon tanker truck delivered safe drinking water for use by about 155 Navajo homes," President Shelly said. "The Nation is working with local chapters and residents to ensure their drinking water needs are continuously met. I commend the Navajo Department of Water Resources and the Leupp Field Office for a job well done."

According to DWR, currently residents do not have access to running water or safe drinking water and must drive anywhere from 15 to 40 miles to get drinking water and water for livestock. The DWR set up a water point for residents to receive their drinking water.

"We appreciate the help of President Shelly to make sure the water hauling truck finally delivered safe drinking water to Black Falls, Box Springs and Grand Falls residents," said Marsha Monestersky, Program Director of The Forgotten People. "With the participation of the Forgotten People we can help develop a prototype water delivery schedule that will benefit water haulers in our region and throughout the Navajo Nation."

In addition to the drinking water delivery, the DWR plans to bring livestock water closer to the three communities by constructing storage tanks and water lines. In order to accomplish this, the DWR is constructing two livestock waterline projects.

DWR's Director of Technical, Construction and Operations Branch (TCOB), DWR, Najam Tariq reported the first project is estimated at $351,000 for construction of seven miles of waterline extension from livestock well No. 5T-529, and two, 24,000-gallon tanks. The well is located about 12 miles southwest of Tolani Lake. The waterline is designed to bring livestock water closer to Black Falls, Grand Falls and Box Springs residents.

"One of the two, 24,000 gallon water tanks is operating now and the second tank is expected to be in operation soon as the seven-mile waterline is finished, which is 60 percent completed right now," President Shelly stated.

A second livestock waterline project starting from well No. 5M-104, located 16 miles west of Leupp is estimated to cost about $312,000. This project consists of over five miles of waterline extension, two 24,000-gallon water tanks and two, 4,000-gallon water tanks for livestock water needs for Leupp and the concerned communities.

"We have just started constructing the first Leupp livestock water storage tank at well No. 5M-104," stated Najam Tariq Director, TCOB, DWR. "This water tank is expected to be completed it in two weeks. So far we have received $39,000 from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to upgrade the existing livestock water facility."

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