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Thu, Sept. 24

Houck Chapter land use plan certified

<i>Photo by Alastair Bitsoi</i><br>
Council Delegate Leslie Dele (center, with microphone), a member of the TCDC, reads the land use plan certification proclamation as Houck Chapter Officials, CLUPC members and TCDC members look on.

<i>Photo by Alastair Bitsoi</i><br> Council Delegate Leslie Dele (center, with microphone), a member of the TCDC, reads the land use plan certification proclamation as Houck Chapter Officials, CLUPC members and TCDC members look on.

HOUCK, Ariz. - The Houck Chapter, located 37 miles southwest of Window Rock, celebrated the certification of its Community-based Land Use Plan (CLUP) on Aug. 31 after meeting the requirements under 26 N.N.C. § 102 (C). The Navajo name for Houck is Ma'iitoi (Coyote Springs).

After a presentation by members of the chapter, the Transportation and Community Development Committee (TCDC) certified the plan by a vote of 5-0.

The chapter worked closely with Rez Star Point of Shiprock, N.M., to complete the land use plan, which identified parcels of land viable for housing, infrastructure development and economic development.

Resolution sponsor, Delegate Tim Goodluck (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dzil), said the certification of Houck Chapter's land use plan was a community effort led by the Community Land Use Plan Committee (CLUPC) members, which consists of community members and chapter officials.

With the certification, the community plans to move forward on implementing 27 planned priority projects, including a rural addressing system, withdrawing land for a new community cemetery, a multi-purpose center, new housing development, new chapter building, supporting infrastructures, veteran and senior citizen complexes and commercial development to accommodate the growing needs of the chapter.

The plan for commercial development includes the proposed construction of a much-needed convenience store, a service station, laundromat and grocery store - amenities that currently require driving to Sanders, Gallup, N.M., or other long distances.

"The Houck chapter community has proven planning, working together, cooperating and coordinating to be vital prerequisites for successful results," stated Glenn Avery Sr., CLUPC president. "We, the Houck chapter community and the CLUPC, are proud of helping create opportunities for our future chapter leaders. The plan is a viable tool for other chapters to follow."

"We are delighted by this occasion. Today is a good day for the community of Houck," added Ernest Hubbell, Houck Chapter president. "The land use plan is a major accomplishment for the community. I appreciate the work of the CLUPC."

"I want to thank the chapter for their efforts in compiling this land use plan," Delegate Lorenzo Curley (Houck/Lupton/Nahata Dzil) said. "This land use plan will accommodate our community needs. There is plenty of water here and other resources for development, including agriculture development, commercial development and housing development."

The next step for the Houck Chapter is Local Governance Act (LGA) certification, which would mean the chapter will govern and control local affairs, including pushing forward with its land use plan initiatives to accommodate its growing population. According to the 2000 census data, the community has a growing population of 1,682 citizens.

The LGA recognizes local chapter governance, allowing chapters to make local decisions, issue home and business site leases, allows the development of Land Use Plans and its amendments, allows the acquiring of land through Eminent Domain, helps to create revenue through local taxation and allows the issuance of bonds for development funds.

Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan thanked Houck Chapter of their efforts.

"This is a good day for Houck Chapter," he said. "Today symbolizes movement forward for this community; it is a chance for this chapter to implement a degree of local empowerment to organize their lands the way they see fit. Continue working together for the betterment of your community, plan for your future and always remember you are improving the quality of life for your community members."

Event attendees included Council delegates Elmer Milford and Benjamin Curley, the Navajo Division of Community Development, Houck Chapter CLUPC, chapter officials and other tribal officials and community members.

For more information regarding Houck Chapter's land use plan, visit

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