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Sat, Sept. 26

Proposed Hopi Constitution Draft election authorized

KYKOTSMOVI, Ariz. - Hopi tribal officials have received official notice from Hopi Agency Superintendent Wendell Honanie stating that the BIA Regional Director has authorized the Hopi Secretarial Election. The election now becomes a federal election process to be conducted by a Secretarial Election Board made up of by a member from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) and Hopi tribal members recommended by the Hopi Tribe.

Technical assistance will be provided by the Office of Tribal Operation of the Hopi Tribe to the Secretarial Election Board in carrying out this election.

The referendum process is governed by Federal Regulations CFR 25 Part 81 that includes the establishment of the Secretarial Election Board, not to be confused with the Hopi Tribe's Election Board. The Secretarial Election Board will then determine the date for the Hopi Secretarial Election, and hire the necessary staff to carry out the voting process at the precincts.

An important step is to inform Hopi members to make sure their mailing address is updated with the Hopi Tribe's Enrollment Office. This will be essential for Hopi members to receive important voter information about the Secretarial Election. Address Update Forms are being provided to members to update their addresses; and should not be confused with a voter registration form. To be assured your mailing address is updated any Hopi tribal enrolled member can call the Hopi Tribal Enrollment office at (928) 734-3151 or (928) 734-3153.

All eligible voters will receive a packet of information in the mail that will include a notice and rules of the election, a voter registration form, voter precinct identification, an Absentee Ballot Request Certificate form, and a pamphlet of the information on the final draft of the proposed Hopi Constitution Draft 24A.

Federal requirements for a Secretarial Referendum will require that all eligible enrolled members of the Hopi Tribe who wish to vote during this election must register to vote. To be eligible to vote, a Hopi Tribal member must be 18 years of age by the election date or older, must be an enrolled Hopi Tribal member, and must be registered to vote in this Secretarial Election.

Public presentations have been ongoing. Members of the former Hopi Constitution Reform committee have traveled to villages, local cities and towns to inform the Hopi people of the contents of the proposed Hopi Constitution Draft 24A, including the history of the document, and comparison of the proposed Draft 24A amendments with the current 1936 Hopi Constitution. The Hopi Tribal Council authorized the Secretarial Election by Resolution H-053-2010, in August.

For more information please contact the Tribal Operations Office at (928) 734-3161.

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