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Sun, May 31

Greyhills Academy recognizes students, teachers

TUBA CITY, Ariz. - On May 11, Greyhills Academy recognized students for outstanding accomplishments. Numerous students were recognized for most improved, best attendance and the top 10 from each category. Categories included department recognitions, such as the Career Technical Program, Diné Studies and Fine Arts, Exceptional Services, Freshman Academy and Social Sciences, Math and Sciences and Student Council.

Teacher Alvino Sam was master of ceremonies. He spoke about being a teacher and the success of the students. The guest speaker was Tanya Riggs who spoke about celebrating student accomplishments and the milestone in their academic achievements, and that this a proud moment for the school, parents and community. She stated that the students will grow into adults with resilience to come back to the community to help their people.

Jennifer Cly won an award for best attendance. Her sister, Jerusha Cly Bitsinnie, remarked that the winners in the Culinary Arts should do more cooking at home. Auxiliary Director Roger Trujillo stated, "This is a great honor for the students to recognize their achievements and setting a foundation for the future in college and beyond."

Rooney Black Food service director and Culinary Arts teacher provided dinner with the help of students serving the attendees. He states that there is Culinary Arts I, II and II offered at Greyhills to help students learn about the food service field. Students learn everything from sanitation, cooking, menu preparation, to management of restaurants. He stated that some students also helped local restaurants create menus. A couple former students are currently attending culinary schools in Phoenix. As food service director he also is committed to serving nutritious meals to students by utilizing the Volume Arizona Nutrition Standard (VANS) nutrition standard.

On May 17 Greyhills Academy also held the sixth Annual Staff Recognition Awards Program at the Greyhills Auditorium. Athletic Director Toney Begay, a 25-year employee, was master of ceremonies. He joked that Greyhills was built around him since he has been there so long. He also mentioned when the schools separated that was the best of times literally starting the school from scratch.

Begay recalled how they had to ditto textbooks and were working with the bare minimum.

The Parent Action Committee stressed the importance of commitment to giving the students a foundation to last throughout there years. They commended Greyhills Academy for integrating Native culture into their curriculum and that Greyhills has something to offer to the community as a viable education choice for parents.

Recognition was also given to staff to honor their longevity.

Awards for five years of service were given to Rena Dodson, Lyle Dugi, Lourdes Fuscablo, Samantha Johnson, Graciosa Mangubat and Esther Whiterock.

An award for 10 years of service went to Dickson Hoshnic. Awards for 15 years went to Alton Begay, Josephine Billy, Stella Claw. Deborah Fowler, Sarah Horseherder and Leonard Manygoats. For 20 years Robert Bedonie and Marie Morales received honors.

Dean Herbert, Wilson Herrera, Susie James and Rena Whiterock were awarded for 25 years of service and 30 year awards were given to Eric Sakiestewa and Monica Worker.

Retirement commendation went to Nellie Bennet, six years; Pamela Burbank, 32 years; Betty Butler, 36 years; Norma Butler, 24 years; Ray Curley, 13 years and Elmer Sangster, 35 years.

The staff for the residential and the 21st Century Program also received special recognition.

The Andrew M. Tah Diné Education Award went to CTE teacher Greg Tooke for his utilization of Navajo language in his teaching.

Principal Marie Morales gave closing remarks on behalf of outgoing CEO Edwin Tano who wasn't able to attend due to personal reasons.

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