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Wed, May 05

Editorial: NHO is making changes - for the better

By now, many of you have probably noticed at least some of the changes we've been making with the Navajo-Hopi Observer. It's been a few months since we have been incorporating both subtle and not-so-subtle changes from something as simple as changing typefaces and headlines to hiring a couple of new contract stringers.

In the print issue, we changed our front page to place entry points in the upper right corner so that you can see at a quick glance what's inside each issue of the NHO.

In addition, we have also updated our website at Our new website features an even more streamlined look and places more emphasis on the articles located in each of the sections. The lead story now boasts a larger photo and the site is much easier to navigate through.

Again, I wish I could take at least some of the credit for our updated website, but the well-deserved credit actually goes to the Western News&Info, Inc. (WNI) Web operations team who did a fantastic job in upgrading our website

With this latest redesign, our new website is even more user-friendly. Our lead story is featured much more prominently on the page. News stories are featured more prominently in easy to find sections. At the very top of the page, you can still access other sections on our site as well as use the cool new "Find It" drop-down menu as well as other sections including blogs, features, milestones and the handy "Submit" menu where readers can easily access pages to submit articles, photos and announcements.

There are a number of exciting new features that we would very much like for our readers to take advantage of.

Some of you have taken advantage of our Milestones feature and have submitted educational and military accomplishments as well as births, engagements, marriages and anniversaries. We continue to encourage our readers to take advantage of our Milestones feature to draw attention to significant events in your family's life - perhaps even to include milestone birthdays intended to honor those esteemed elders 90 years or older.Take a look at our current Milestones and be sure to let your friends and family members know about this great feature.

Other features that many of you have taken advantage of is our photo galleries, online comments and events calendar. General scenic or interesting photos that you can take anywhere around the rez can be submitted at anytime for possible inclusion as a masthead photo, or in an online photo gallery, or even in our print issue. The events calendar is where you can easily post your upcoming events online, such as school meetings, bake sales, cakewalks, other community events and chapter meetings, in addition to being submitted as potential "Quick Read" announcements in our print issue.

There are many other exciting features that we hope our readers will enjoy. We strongly encourage our readers to visit our website and explore it as much as possible because it is a critical component to how we deliver news and happenings to your communities and beyond.

So take a few moments after you read this and go to and post a comment, post an event, submit a photo, or write a letter to the editor.

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to welcome contract stringer Todd Roth, who is doing a great job in covering events happening in the Winslow area. We would also like to welcome contract stringer Tyler Tawahongva, who will be covering events in the Tuba City area for the NHO. Again, these improvements are our way of reaching out to our readers in northern Arizona and assuring that your news and events continue to be of importance to us.

If you should have any questions or comments for us in the meantime, please feel free to call toll-free at

1-877-627-3787 or e-mail

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