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Wed, July 08

Mesa wins Doc Wright Invitational wrestling meet

WINSLOW, Ariz. - The Mesa Jackrabbits won the Doc Wright Invitational Wrestling Tournament on Friday and Saturday. The Jackrabbits finished with 223.5 points to 193 for second place Coconino in the 28 team tournament. Deming, N.M. was third at 190; Blue Ridge was fourth at 180 followed by St. Johns at 147, Gilbert at 136.5, Joseph City at 135, Winslow at 121, Snowflake at 119 and Holbrook at 112 to round out the top 10 teams. Mesa has been a frequent participant in the Doc Wright Invitational and has won the event quite a few times.

The next 10 teams included Foothill, Nev, at 108.5, Bayfield, Colo. at 92, Mogollon at 84, Monument Valley at 31, Page at 66, Red Mesa at 60, Chinle at 38, Clark, Nev. at 37, Window Rock at 31 and Alchesay at 23. Many Farms at Valley Sanders tied for 21st with 20 points. Tuba City was 22nd with 19 points followed by Beaver Dam with 18 and Hopi with 16. Ganado, Greyhills and Shonto Prep participated but did not score.

In the 103 pound division Sean Miller of Foothill, Nev. was the winner followed by Tyler Crosby of St. Johns, Bryce Crosby of Joseph City, Jeremy Lewis of Coconino, Sonny Salazar of Bayfield, Colo. and Zane Owens of Snowflake.

In the 112 pound division Paul Jaramillo of Winslow was the winner and was named the Outstanding Lightweight Wrestler. Jonathan Hale of Coconino was second followed by John Cooper of Mesa, David Uribe of Deming, N.M., Ryder Nielson of St. Johns and Michael Begay of Tuba City.

In the 119 pound division Gabriel Ballasteros of Mesa was the winner followed by Josh Povatah of Coconino, Mark Almanza of Deming, N.M., Sheldon Maloney of Monument Valley, Kemp Todacheenie of Page and Rayne Raykovitz of St. Johns.

In the 125 pound division R. J. Alvarado of Holbrook was the winner followed by Jordan Winsor of St. Johns, Bo Rosales of Mesa, Boo Chase of Snowflake, Cesar Martinez of Beaver Dam and Joseph Montero of Foothill, Nev.

In the 130 pound division Dan Gaylor of Mogollon was the winner followed by Xavier Brown of Foothill, Nev., Sam Almanza of Deming, N.M., Jared Johnson of Gilbert, Julius Descheenie of Page and Jared Anderson of St. Johns.

In the 135 pound division, Josh Srader of Deming, N.M. was the winner and was named the Outstanding Middleweight Wrestler. Aaron Baca of Winslow was second followed by Ben Gelvin of Coconino, Remington Baldwin of Joseph City, Kenny Rago of Mesa and Nick Vaccarello of Gilbert.

In the 140 pound division Sean Gracia of Page was the winner followed by Craig Alger of Mesa, Reese Raykovitz of St. Johns, Lloyd Gray of Red Mesa, Dalton Hughes of Joseph City and Randy Lilly of Blue Ridge.

In the 145 pound division Edgar Verdi of Mesa was the winner followed by Kurt Crandell of Mogollon, Joseph Baldenado of Blue Ridge, Ethan Dyer of Coconino, Taylor Swanemyer of Bayfield, Colo. and Alex Hratko of Gilbert.

In the 152 pound division Devon Schmieder of Coconino was the winner followed by Aaron Velasquez of Bayfield, Colo., Tsotne Khablioni of Mesa, Josh Hatch of Holbrook, Zane Gouker of Blue Ridge and Douglas Ben of Red Mesa.

In the 160 pound division Danny Padron of Deming, N.M. was the winner and was also named the Outstanding Heavyweight Wrestler. Nick Robles of Mesa was second followed by Kevin Henderson of Blue Ridge, Brandt Perkins of Snowflake, and Robbie Hamlett of Gilbert and Kirby Etsitty of Monument Valley.

In the 171 pound division Zach Baldwin of Joseph City was the winner, Scot Tafoya of Holbrook was second followed by Tyler Cattery of Gilbert, Brady Nittman of Coconino, Austin Davis of St. Johns and Cole Coker of Deming, N.M.

In the 189 pound division Adrian Perkins of Blue Ridge was the winner followed by Mike Herrea of Gilbert, Trevor Aranda of Mesa, Joey Greager of Foothill, Nev., Philip Golie of Deming, N.M. and Colton Davis of Winslow.

In the 215 pound division Derek Apodaca of Deming, N.M. was the winner followed by Zach Young of Winslow, Jason McCray of Snowflake, Jose Compos of Blue Ridge, Chris Coppinger of Joseph City and Michael Williams of Monument Valley.

In the heavyweight division Nathan Zobolt of Coconino was the winner followed by Steve Pearson of Blue Ridge, Truman Begay of Chinle, Justin Charley of Monument Valley, Chris Pacheco of Snowflake and Carlo Riley of Alchesay.

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