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Tue, June 02

Chinle Wildcats top 3A North boys, Window Rock Lady Scouts lead 3A North girls

The Chinle Wildcats had a perfect 6-0 regional record as of Thursday to lead the 3A North Region. Winslow was second with a 4-1 record. Monument Valley and Holbrook were tied with 2-1 records. Window Rock and Chinle were tied with 1-4 records and Ganado was in the cellar with a 1-6 record.

In 3A North Region games to date, Chinle has defeated Ganado 64-58, Winslow 71-63, Monument Valley 50-38, Window Rock 62-61 and Holbrook 60-58.The Wildcats were to play Window Rock on Saturday. Winslow has defeated Ganado twice, 70-59 and 71-70 in overtime. The Bulldogs also bested Window Rock 47-46 in overtime and lost to Chinle early 61-63. Winslow was to play at Monument Valley on Saturday.

Monument Valley defeated Tuba City 60-29 and Ganado 69-64. The Mustangs lost to Chinle 50-38 and were slated to play at Window Rock on Friday and host Winslow on Saturday. Holbrook defeated Window Rock 66-57 and Tuba City 66-63. The Roadrunners lost a thriller to Chinle 60-58 and were to host Ganado on Saturday.

Window Rock defeated Ganado 49-46 then lost to Holbrook 66-57 and two heartbreakers 62-61 to Chinle, 47-46 to Winslow before another 71-55 loss to Chinle. The Scouts were to play Monument Valley at Window Rock on Friday and at Tuba City on Saturday. Tuba City defeated Ganado 65-62 early.  The Warriors then lost to Monument Valley 50-29, Holbrook 66-63, Winslow 74-66 and Ganado 86-70. The Warriors were to host Window Rock on Saturday. Ganado broke a five game losing streak with an 86-70 win over Tuba City, but then lost a 71-70 overtime thriller to Winslow. Prior to that the Hornets had lost to Chinle 64-58, Window Rock 49-46, Tuba City 62-55, and Monument Valley 69-64 and Winslow 70-59.

Girls teams

The Window Rock Lady Scouts top the 3A North Region girls' standings with a record of 5-2. Defending State Champion Monument Valley was 3-0 as of Thursday and state runners-up Winslow was third at 3-1. Chinle was 2-3, Tuba City 2-3, Holbrook 1-2 and Ganado 1-6.

Window Rock had wins over Ganado 54-39, Holbrook 68-53, Chinle 66-42, Winslow 52-47 and Chinle again 52-43. The Lady Scouts were to play Monument Valley on Friday and Tuba City on Saturday. Monument Valley had wins over Tuba City 53-31, Chinle 64-50 and Ganado 69-35. The Lady Mustangs were to play at Window Rock on Friday and host Winslow on Saturday in two important games. Winslow defeated Ganado twice 57-53 and 54-48 and Tuba City 51-35. The Lady Bulldogs lost to Window Rock 52-47 and were to play at Monument Valley on Saturday.

Chinle had defeated Ganado 27-26 and Holbrook 53-52 in a pair of close games. The Lady Wildcats lost to Monument Valley 64-50 and Window Rock twice 66-42 and 52-43. Holbrook defeated Tuba City 39-32 and lost to Window Rock 68-53 and Chinle 53-42. The Lady Roadrunners were to host Ganado on Saturday.

Tuba City had defeated Ganado 38-27 before losing to Monument Valley 53-31, Holbrook 39-32 and Winslow 51-35. The Lady Warriors got back on the winning track with a 38-35 win over Ganado and were slated to host Window Rock on Saturday. Ganado lost a close game to Chinle 27-26, and then lost to Window Rock 54-39 before beating Tuba City 38-27 for their only win. Next, they lost to Monument Valley 64-35, Winslow 57-53, Tuba City 38-35 and Winslow again 54-48. The Lady Hornets were to play at Holbrook on Saturday.

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