Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Sun, May 16

Operation 2010 Snowfall Emergency Operation Center demobilized

WINDOW ROCK, ARiz. - Emergency operations related to Operation 2010 Snowfall have been downscaled to a skeleton crew. Snow operations are standing down, however work to start addressing the impending mud and flooding issues will begin.

Staff will set up equipment at the Navajo Department of Public Safety and will continue to work on reports. In the meantime, chapters need to continue working with their communities.

According to weather forecasts, there are six more storms that will be passing through in the next few weeks. People should listen to the radio for weather reports.

The public is advised to replenish supplies such as water, non-perishable food, fuel (wood and coal) and livestock feed (hay and grain) while the weather is good. People on medications should refill prescriptions. Dialysis patients need to consider alternative housing when storms move onto the Navajo Nation. Parents of schoolchildren should plan for alternative shelter to make sure their children make it to school.

People are advised to dress accordingly for the bad weather. Travelers should also carry shovels, tire chains, tow truck phone numbers, contact phone numbers and a compatible phone, flashlight with batteries, matches, non-perishable food and water, extra winter clothing including winter boots, and travel in pairs.

Travel from muddy areas should only be attempted in the early morning hours and return trips should be made late in the evening as the ground freezes. Beware of livestock on the highways and be alert to sudden storms.

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