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Fri, Sept. 18

Kayenta Chapter awarded LGA certification

KAYENTA, Ariz. - On Aug. 6, the Kayenta Chapter became the 12th Local Governance Act (LGA) Certified Chapter of the Navajo Nation. The Transportation and Community Development Committee granted certification status with 7 in favor and 0 opposed.

The chapter now has the authority to exercise local governance using the Five Management System Policies and Procedures, which means that the chapter will control its own accounting, procurement, record keeping, personnel, and property management. Additionally, the chapter has the capacity to administer business sites, enforcing community taxes that will be used for the Kayenta community and exercise supervisory control of local matters, while being consistent with Navajo Nation laws.

The Committee introduced the Kayenta Chapter with a $160,000 check following the certification. The check will assist with further development of the community.

"I would like to first say congratulations to the entire community of Kayenta Chapter," stated Stanley Clitso, president of Kayenta Chapter. "Our chapter now joins the elite and prestigious few chapters that have been bestowed this recognition. With that our work continues and we do not intend to hinder the will of the community to grow and prosper."

Kayenta is closer to achieving their dreams of quicker, more efficient and effective services. Through public hearings, the community has created a plan of action that encompasses a better economy, better social status with residents and visitors, and aspires to be a premier community on the Navajo Nation.

Council Speaker Lawrence T. Morgan commented, "This is the 12th community that has made the decision to become a uniformed aspiration for the non-LGA certified chapters. The community's voice is important to this new direction, so attending chapter meetings is mandatory. I am proud of this community."

Clisto added, "I would like to thank my administrative staff, co-officials, chapter committees, Local Governance Support Center Fort Defiance and Tuba City, the Auditor General, the Department of Justice, the Navajo Division of Community and Government Development, TCDC, Nahata Consulting, and all those who supported this effort."

The Kayenta Chapter, like all other LGA-certified chapters, will undergo a review by the Office of Auditor General after one year.

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