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Sat, Sept. 19

Winslow residents - we want to hear from YOU!

This week, we are debuting something new inside the pages of the Navajo-Hopi Observer (NHO) for our readers in the Winslow area. On Pages 6-7, we are proud to have an available space to feature news and events that are specific to the Winslow area.

We hope that these pages in the NHO will provide the means to reach out to the residents of Winslow and provide them with a place to see news that is relevant to them. We hope to highlight local positive events, such as school-related happenings, sports, and special events such as the "Standin' on the Corner" festival, which is featured in this week's issue.

We are very excited to be able to bring this to our readers in Winslow and hope that it will serve them well. We anticipate that once people become aware of what we are doing that they will eagerly send in news items, photos, letters, editorials and other "good news" for our consideration. We also hope that potential advertisers will be interested in advertising their businesses and services in our publication. While we understand that times are tough, we feel very fortunate that we are still able to serve our readers throughout northeastern Arizona as we continue to wait out one of the worst "economic downturns" in American history.

One thing that we are particularly proud is the fact that since last summer, our Web site has grown by leaps and bounds. With the redesign of the NHO's Web site, it has become much more streamlined and user-friendly. News stories are featured more prominently in feature sections, with local news, sports, milestones, classifieds, videos and photos galleries highlighted on the main menu bar. At the very top of the page, you can access other sections such as the opinion page, obituaries, blogs, subscription information, local listings and the ever-important contact page that you can use to figure out who to contact here at the NHO if you need to submit an article or photo, or a classified or display advertisement.

So in addition to our print product, we would also like to offer our Web site as another means of getting your news out to the world. Our site has a lot of exciting features that we would very much like for our readers to take advantage of, especially since we are sometimes limited as to what we can feature in our weekly print edition.

One feature, in particular - Milestones - we strongly encourage our readers to take advantage of. Milestones draws attention to significant events, or "milestones" in a person's life, such as college graduations, military accomplishments, births, engagements, marriages, anniversaries and "milestone" birthdays, which are intended to honor esteemed elders who are 90 years of age or older.

We invite both old and new readers alike to take a look at our current Milestones and be sure to let your friends and family members know about this. You may even have a friend, relative or family member that you wish to acknowledge for their accomplishments. If you do, you are more than welcome to submit their information to us.

Several features that some of you have already taken advantage of is our online submission of masthead photos, online comments and events calendar. Masthead photos are general scenic photos that you can take anywhere and submit them for possible inclusion as a masthead photo, or in an online photo gallery. We also accept general scenic photos for possible inclusion in our online photo galleries.

The events calendar is where you can easily post your upcoming community events, such as school and community events and chapter meetings. You can also submit your events to us as a potential "Quick Read" announcement to be featured in our print edition.

You can also post comments about our articles as well as submit a letter to the editor or guest viewpoint. General comments about our paper can also be made on the Web site.

We very much encourage our readers in Winslow - and our readers around the Navajo and Hopi reservations - to utilize our Web site as much as possible because it is a critical component to how we deliver news and happenings to your communities and beyond. So take a few moments after you read this, go to and post a comment, post an event, submit a photo, or write a letter to the editor.

For more information about making submissions or for editorial inquiries, call the editorial desk at (928) 226-9696, ext. 5 or e-mail

We look forward to hearing from you.

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