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Fri, Aug. 07

Thanks for good public policy

The good work of our state's elected officials oftentimes goes unrecognized. However, we wish to extend our sincere appreciation to a few members of the Arizona House of Representatives' Government Committee. They recently took an important stand to protect the public's right to know.

During these difficult economic times and this very difficult legislation session, five members of the House Government Committee stood up for the people of the state, rather than succumb to the idea that it is better and cheaper to post public notices on one of many, many government Web sites, than pay to print them in your local newspaper. Our sincerest thanks go to four members of the House Government Committee: Rep Frank Antenori, District 30; Rep. Adam Driggs, District 11; Rep. Chad Campbell, District 14, and Rep. Tom Chabin, District 2.

Each of them voted against HB 2253, in which the cities and counties were asking to be able to post public notices on their Web sites instead of printing them in a local newspaper. To those four, we also want to say thanks for voting against a similar bill, HB 2261, and we also want to add Rep. Anna Tovar, District 13. These five were instrumental in defeating this bill that would have moved public notices about new business, and other corporate matters, out of local newspapers and on to the Arizona Corporation Commission's Web site.  

These five Representatives understand that the present system is best: public notices printed in newspapers for those who don't use the Internet, and those same notices on the Internet in a single database compliments of the local newspapers for those who don't read newspapers. No additional government involvement is needed.

You can take the time to say thanks, too. Simply write to one or all of the representatives who believe in government transparency, in care of the House of Representatives, 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

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