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Thu, Dec. 12

Hopi JROTC prepared for Hopi to Hawaii 3

<i>Courtesy photo</i><br>
Last year’s Hopi Bruin Battalion stand outside the state capitol building in Hawaii during “Hopi to Hawaii 2.”

<i>Courtesy photo</i><br> Last year’s Hopi Bruin Battalion stand outside the state capitol building in Hawaii during “Hopi to Hawaii 2.”

Throughout 2008, the Hopi JROTC Bruins participated in fundraising during volleyball, football and basketball games by selling raffle tickets, Phoenix Suns tickets and food items and also hosted the Hit and Run softball tournament during the summer to raise money for the third annual Hopi to Hawaii trip. The JROTC's goal was to take 30 cadets to Hawaii. Their set standard for the trip for the cadets was to receive a 2.5 G.P.A. average in all classes, attend team practices, meets, and Bruin club meetings, go to at least 75 percent of dance practices and helping with donations.

Only 12 cadets met the standards. These lucky few are Cadet 2nd Lt. Amber Naha, Cadet 2nd Lt. Dominique Halwood, Cadet 2nd Lt. Whitney Damnggard, Cadet Private Kachina Jenkins, Cadet 1st Sergeant Elsha Dosela, Cadet Private Josette Delowe, Cadet Private Trisha Puhuyesva, Cadet Private Joseph Nahsonhoya, Cadet Private Zachary Youvella, Cadet Private Natasha Talahytewa, and Cadet Private Monique Chapman.

Major Taylor said, "These cadets did an excellent job. It just too bad that there are only 12 cadets going instead of 30 cadets."

The cadets will depart for sunny Hawaii tomorrow. Some activities on the cadets agenda when they arrive at Hawaii are the Aloha stadium swap meet were the cadets will shop. They will also be visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center to learn more about the Hawaiian culture. On the third day the cadets will be in class "B" uniform to represent the brave soldiers that have served in memorable wars.

The Hopi JROTC will also be represent the USS Arizona soldiers that have perished in the war or during the bombing against Pearl Harbor at the wreath laying service. The cadets will also be paired up with some of the JROTC cadets from Waianae High School for a day of friendly competition, cultural exchange, and most importantly a day of fun. The cadets will be participating in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade where they will be marching and afterwards they will be performing a Native American dance for the Hawaiian people.

All of the cadets that have made it on the list are very excited; it is the first for many of the cadets. The cadets are looking forward to their trip to Hawaii and their new life changing experience.

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