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Tue, Aug. 11

A new year and time for some positive changes

It's that time of year again - time for people to make their annual New Year's resolutions that they're only going to stick to for a couple of weeks until they get bored and quit. We've heard them all before: "I'm gonna quit smoking (as soon as I finish these last few cigarettes)." "I'm gonna lose some weight (as soon as I finish this hamburger)." "I'm gonna start spending my money more wisely (as soon as I buy that expensive pair of designer jeans I really want)."

But in light of some fairly significant changes within the past several weeks in both the Hopi and Navajo tribal governments, perhaps it's time we do away with such silly resolutions and start making some more realistic ones that would indeed make your world a better place.

One resolution I have high hopes of keeping - probably much like everyone else - is to learn how to budget my finances better in light of this atrocious economy that seems to have no end in sight. This will undoubtedly involve making a number of personal sacrifices that perhaps you didn't see yourself making in your lifetime, but these days, having to decide between whether you want that $250 pair of designer jeans or food in your cupboards is a relative no-brainer.

Another resolution I have is to continue losing weight and better maintain my physical condition, not just for the sake of vanity, but also for the sake of my overall health and well-being. As a Native American, I do realize that I am at high risk of developing diabetes, and after seeing how diabetes has affected my friends, relatives and other people I know, I resolve not to end up in the same predicament.

I resolve to keep myself drug and alcohol free, simply because I've seen what drugs and alcohol can do to the bodies, minds and spirits of bright, intelligent people who often fight a daily secret battle of addiction that profoundly affects their loved ones. If I know of someone who is fighting this battle, I resolve not to let them fight it alone.

I resolve to make better use of my time each day and not become overwhelmed with trying to do too many things at once or trying to keep up with the entire world. I need to learn to take things one day at a time, one task at a time. After all, even the Bible states that it took Almighty God - an omnipresent and supernatural entity - a total of six days to create this world. What makes me think I can do any better?

Along those lines, I resolve to set aside time each day for myself, so that I can relax and reflect upon the events of the day and use what I've learned to make myself a better person instead of stressing out about things that did not get done. Again, one day at a time, one task at a time.

These are just a few of my own personal and what I feel are easily achievable goals for the following year.

Whatever you resolve to do to better your life, make sure it's something that is achievable and that will yield results for you.

With that, have a safe, sober and prosperous New Year.

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