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Wed, May 05

Editorial: NHO readers invited to contribute news, photos for new Web site

Within the next 6-8 weeks, the Navajo Hopi Observer will be launching a new redesigned Web site at The new site will still offer online access to all of our regular news and features from the weekly print edition, but will also include many new features, including blog entries and other exciting benefits for our loyal readers.

We plan to continue featuring new photo galleries and a host of opportunities for readers to contribute items on their own.

Here's a preview of some of the upcoming features that will be added to the newly revamped NHO Web site:

• Photo galleries: The photo galleries will feature all of those photos that didn't make it into the print edition due to space or other considerations. We will continue to feature sports photos as well as other events that continue to occur in our readership area Keep checking back as we will continue to add photos of new events online. We do welcome contributions from our readers. If you'd like for us to consider for a photo gallery (such as fair, parade, sports, powwow or rodeo photos), send them in an e-mail to

• Milestones: Milestones is a new feature to the current NHO Web site, but not very many people have taken advantage of it. Readers are welcome to submit news about their family and community members to be featured in print and on our Web site. We would like to receive announcements of births, engagements, weddings, military achievements, and educational accomplishments. As you know, this kind of news spreads quickly on the rez. Your neighbors want to know about your good news and so do we.

• Events calendar: Individuals, groups and organizations can submit their weekly "Quick Reads" through the Web site for the newly revamped Quick Reads section. The link will be on the home page.

• Online poll question: The newly designed Web site will also feature a revamped version of the weekly poll question that can include of photo related to the poll question.

• Feature photo: The new NHO Web site will also allow us to post a weekly feature photo that everyone who visits our web site will be able to see.

• Masthead photo: One cool new addition that our new Web site will feature is a changing masthead photo that will be located at the top of the NHO home page. Each time the page reloads, the photo will change. We therefore encourage readers to submit their favorite photos of Flagstaff or of Navajo and Hopi lands.

• Video: The new design of the NHO Web site will also allow for the introduction of video and dynamic photo galleries complete with sound and music.

As you can see, we have many exciting things in store for our readers in the coming weeks. In the meanime, if you would like to see what our new Web site will look like, visit the Williams-Grand Canyon News web site at

For more information about making submissions or for editorial inquiries, contact managing editor Wells Mahkee Jr. at (928) 226-9696, ext. 5 or e-mail

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