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Wed, Jan. 27

Quick Reads for 1/2/2008

Voter Registration Deadline for PPE is Jan. 7th

If you have not registered to vote and are interested in voting in the upcoming Presidential Preference Election (PPE), you have until Monday, Jan. 7 to register.

Only Republicans and Democrats can participate in the upcoming PPE which will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Only registered voters who designated the Democratic or Republican Party as their party affiliation are eligible to vote. Registrants who registered as Independents, nonpartisans, affiliated with a non-recognized party, Libertarians and people who did not designate any political party affiliation are not allowed to vote in the PPE. Registrants who wish to change their party affiliation to vote in the PPE must re-register to vote by midnight on Jan. 7.

To register to vote or to change your voter registration you can do one of the following:

• Go to: and register to vote on the website.

• Visit the Coconino County Elections Office at 110 E. Cherry Ave, Flagstaff or the Tuba City Elections Office located in the basement of the Tuba City Library on Main Street (Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.).

• Pick up a voter registration form at your city clerk's office, post offices or libraries.

• Call the Coconino County Elections Office at (928) 779-6589 or (800) 793-6181 and request a form be mailed to you.

For more information, call Elections Administrator Patty Hansen or Coconino County Recorder Candace Owens at (928) 779-6589 or toll-free (800) 793-6181.

Theodore Roosevelt Middle School accepting applications for 2008 spring and fall semesters

Theodore Roosevelt Middle School (TRMS), originally built in 1928, is a full service, non-profit day and boarding school located in historic Fort Apache. They have a departmentalized curriculum with a technology emphasis, but Native American culture is also incorporated in the curriculum. The majority of students are Native Americans from several tribes located in the southwest, but the school is open to all middle school students. There are no tuition fees.

TRMS is a grant school with funding from tribal and federal sources. The school, which is presently undergoing necessary renovations, is located adjacent to a fully-supervised dormitory complete with evening and weekend activities including swimming, weekend trips to museums, sports and cultural events, movies, hiking, intramural sports, fully equipped computer lab and much more. Transportation is provided for holiday leave.

For more information, call (928) 338-4464.

Tonalea School parenting classes

Tonalea School will host Parenting Classes for six weeks beginning January 16, 2008 and then every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. Registration begins at 5:30 p.m. Classes will cover effective communication, attitudes, conflict management and resolution, improving self esteem, peer pressure, and our families, our strengths. Classes are open to Tonalea School parents and community members. Call Christopher Curley at (928) 283-6325 for more information. Door prizes will be awarded and dinner will be served.

Reminder from Native American Democrats of Northern Arizona

Native American Democrats of Northern Arizona (NADNA) would like to remind eligible Native Americans that the final day to register to vote in the Feb. 5, 2008 Presidential Preference Election (PPE) is Monday, Jan. 7, 2008.

NADNA advises voters that the PPE is an election for the Republican and Democratic parties. If you are registered with any other party you are not eligible to vote in the Feb. 5 PPE. During this PPE the number of party delegates will be determined for Arizona.

NADNA highly encourages new voters to be aware of new voter registration requirements that must include proof of citizenship or the form will be rejected.

Below is a list Acceptable documents to establish your citizenship in order to register to vote these include: Arizona Drivers License number or Identification number if issued by the Motor Vehicle Division after 09/30/1996; or the applicants Bureau of Indian Affairs Card number, Tribal Treaty Card number, or Tribal Enrollment Number; or a legible photocopy of a driver's license or non-operating license issued by another state within the United States if the license indicates that the applicant has provided satisfactory proof of citizenship.

You may change your party affiliation or register on-line at and click on the "Register to Vote Online." You may also register in person at the Tuba City Voter Registration/Elections Office; or at the Coconino County Elections Office in Flagstaff.

For more information call the Coconino county Democratic Headquarters at (928) 214-0393

Coconino County Parks and Recreation Commission meeting

In compliance with the Open Meeting Law, Coconino County Parks and Recreation (CCPR) announces the meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission on Jan. 3 at 4 p.m. at the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, 219 E. Cherry, Flagstaff.

The CPRC is the citizen body responsive to the communities and the people of Coconino County. The CPRC advises staff and the Board of Supervisors on fee and rule promulgation, policy development, legislative matters, budget development, land acquisition, park planning and design, and a myriad of other issues. Each Board member appoints two CPRC members from his/her district.

Work session items for discussion include a Master Plan presentation, FY09 budget development, workshop schedule update and the Ft. Tuthill carrying capacity project. Information will also be available (Director's Written Briefing) on the Louise Yellowman County Park grand opening in Tuba City. County employees, media practitioners and the public are invited to observe the meeting.

For more information, please contact Dorris Wood at (928) 679-8007 or e-mail

Calling all Native Athletes!

UNITY invites tribes to nominate outstanding athletes to be recognized during the Native Fantasy League Gala. Athletes who have played competitively on the professional, semi-professional or collegiate level as well as Native athletes who have made historic contribution to a particular community are being sought. United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) will host a unique fundraising event on Thursday, Jan. 31, at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center in Arizona. The Valley of the Sun will be hosting Super Bowl XLII and the FBR Open golf tournament the same week, providing an excellent time and place to honor Native athletes and celebrate their accomplishments while raising funds to sustain and enhance UNITY's national youth development and leadership programs.

Some of the gala honorees include Billy Mills, Sonny Sixkiller, Jacoby Ellsbury, Notah Begay, Joba Chamberlain, Jim Warne and many more. Tribes can recognize their outstanding athletes by sponsoring a table at the event and by nominating them by emailing or calling (405) 236-2800.

UNITY is a nationally acclaimed Native American youth leadership and advocacy organization with a mission to foster the spiritual, mental, physical, and social development of American Indian and Alaska Native youth. For more information about gala sponsorship or tickets, please contact Melissa Wenzel at (602) 357-4701 ext. 16 or email

Sidewalk snow and ice removal reminder

Get ready for snow and break out your snow shovels and brooms. This is a friendly reminder to all residential and commercial property owners in Flagstaff. Help maintain a safe environment for Flagstaff pedestrians by cleaning sidewalks that border your property.

In an attempt to improve the safety and appearance of our community, the City of Flagstaff would like to remind you that there are municipal codes that prohibit dirt, cinders, snow, ice, vegetation or any other obstruction from remaining on public sidewalks. Title 8 of the Public Ways and Property Code states that any owner, occupant, tenant, or person caring for any building, lot or parcel of land that borders a public sidewalk is responsible for clearing those sidewalks.

Please remember not to shovel snow into the street. Be a good neighbor and help those who are unable to shovel sidewalks.

The annual Winter Parking Ordinance that restricts parking on city streets or alleyways from midnight until 7 a.m. is in effect until April 1, 2008. The ordinance remains in effect whether it is snowing or not.

For more information, please call Stephanie Smith, Environmental Code Specialist, at (928) 213-3607 or e-mail

Attention: Stolen Saddles

Three trophy saddles and one barrel racing champion saddle dated 1994 with additional gear belonging to Diné College students who are Inter Collegiate Rodeo participants were stolen Tuesday, Nov. 27, from the Diné College, Tsaile Campus. Bits and bridles were also stolen. If you have information about these stolen saddles please call the Diné College Police Department at (928) 724-6808.

Announcers, announcements sought

KGHR Radio Station in Tuba City is seeking Navajo speakers to make local and community announcements in the Navajo language on the air. Speakers of any age group are needed including youth and elderly. KGHR is also seeking local and community announcements to be aired on the radio to inform and educate the local communities and listeners. Topics should be of an informative and educational nature. Navajo Nation, state, county and chapter service providers, health care facilities, schools and businesses are asked to submit input and announcements to inform local Navajo communities about events taking place. For further information, to volunteer or submit community announcements contact the Greyhills Academy High School Human Resources Office at P.O. Box 160, Tuba City, AZ, 86045; by phone at (928) 283- 6271 ext. 196 or 112; by fax at (928) 283-6604; or by email at

'Power Struggles' parenting workshop

The Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth will present the free workshop "Power Struggles: how to effectively handle and prevent power struggles" from 6-8 p.m., Jan. 22, at the Family Resource Center, 1806 E. Route 66 in Flagstaff.

International Network for Children and Families certified parenting instructor Paola San Martin will discuss ways to understand why children misbehave; learning to recognize and disengage from a power struggle and what to do to lessen them in the future; resolving conflict without power struggles; 11 ways to get out of a power struggle; and temper tantrum prevention. Registration is required for this free event and space is limited. Childcare and snacks will be provided. For more information or to reserve a space call (928) 774-1103.

Coconino Rural Environment Corps now hiring for 2008 season

Based in Flagstaff, the Coconino Rural Environment Corps is a conservation corps program for young adults who want to make a difference in their world. Projects can include trail work, wirlfire prevention and forest restoration, wildlife habitat restoration, native species revegetation, invasive species eradication, wetlands area restoration and GPS surveys.

Corps members must be age 18-25 to be eligible. A living stipend of $580 every two weeks is paid and an educational award is also presented at the end of the term. $2,462 for 900 hours is given and $4,725 for 1,700 hours is provided. Great training opportunities to further personal and professional goals are offered including enhanced understanding of the environment and environmental issues, as well as access to federal land management agencies and staff.

Applications are now being accepted fro 6-12 month terms beginning January 2008. Spaces are limited, so apply now.

For more information call Monique at (928) 679-8173 or visit

Coconino County to implement Emergency Notification System

At their regular meeting on Nov. 6, the Coconino County Board of Supervisors approved the acquisition of a countywide Emergency Notification System (ENS) that will provide real time emergency notification to residents during times of local emergencies and disasters. Often referred to as "reverse 911," the system will provide rapid telephone notification to specific communities, neighborhoods or to citizens countywide.

The service chosen by Coconino County is "City Watch," which is part of Avtex, Inc. City Watch provides the ability for public safety leaders to create, target and send an alert or non-alert message to literally thousands of destinations simultaneously. It is a full-feature, outbound and inbound notification system and service that enables emergency managers to quickly, accurately and automatically send emergency and informational messages to literally thousands of contacts, via phone.

"The ability to inform our community residents to take protective action during emergencies is critical in saving lives," said Sherrie Collins, Coconino County Emergency manager. Whether the need is to evacuate a neighborhood or shelter in place, public safety officials need to reach a multitude of people quickly. As seen recently in the wake of the Southern California fires, these systems help evacuate thousands of residents quickly when minutes can make a difference.

"With this powerful tool, we will now be able to notify residents of an impending evacuation for wildland fire, a missing child report or a hazardous material spill, to name a few," said Collins. "We can target one street, a subdivision or an entire community with a mapping feature that will allow us to geo-locate target groups. With this new system, and our existing emergency alert system (EAS) and weather radio alerts, we will have multiple notification systems to reach citizens through a variety of media forms."

In addition, City Watch will provide internal notification and alerts to emergency responder teams to allow them to quickly deploy when needed. Fire and rescue groups can now be notified via phone, email, PDA, Blackberry or pager. This will help reduce call-back time and eliminate telephone trees and other slower forms of notification.

County officials anticipate the system to be fully functional by the spring of 2008. At that time, a community outreach program will be implemented to help educate citizens throughout the County on how the notification system works.

As always, the message to the community in terms of family preparedness is as follows:

· Have a plan: a written family emergency plan to evacuate your home during emergencies;

· Be ready: have a Go Bag and remember, have the "Five Ps"....important Papers, Prescriptions, Photos, Pets and Personal Computers) ready to leave.

· Stay informed: listen for public safety officials to give you instructions on what to do and where to go.

· Volunteer: get trained to help your community by becoming a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member, a Neighborhood Watch member, American Red Cross volunteer, or Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) member.

For more information, call Coconino County Emergency manager Sherrie Collins at (928) 526-2735; toll-free (800) 790-1990.

Little League ADEQ grants to promote recycling

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Director Steve Owens announced that ADEQ is again providing recycling grants to Arizona little leagues to promote recycling and prevent littering at baseball fields across the state.

Under the Little League Recycling and Litter Control Project, ADEQ provides funding to Little League organizations throughout Arizona for banners promoting recycling to be displayed at their ball fields and for recycling containers to be placed at the fields.

ADEQ first established the Little League Recycling and Litter Control Project for the 2004 Little League season. This year, ADEQ is making a total of $15,000 available to Little Leagues interested in participating in the recycling project.

"The program is now in its fifth year and has been a grand slam," said Owens. "The more kids know about recycling, the more they want to recycle. This program helps our kids, helps the Little Leagues, and most importantly, helps the environment."

Little leagues interested in applying for grant funding from ADEQ should contact Laura Newman at (602) 771-4459 or toll free at (800) 234-5677, ext. 771-4459, or by e-mail to The deadline for applications is Feb. 15.

Program forms and the required application, as well as further information, are available on ADEQ's Web site at

Navajo County to assist residents in obtaining birth certificates

The Navajo Public Health Services District can assist area residents with Arizona birth certificates. The Health District can provide to eligible parents, Arizona birth certificates for children born between 1990 to present for a $10 charge. The Health District may also be able to assist with other Arizona birth certificate issues.

The Navajo County Public Health Vital Records Office is open from 8:30 a.m.-12 noon and 1 - 4 p.m., Mondays and Fridays, and is located at 117 E. Buffalo St., Holbrook, AZ, 86025.

The Health District can only process birth certificates from the Holbrook office. In order to further assist area residents, the Vital Records office travels to other locations. If the Health District is able to process the birth certificate, it is mailed to residents from the Holbrook office.

Complete Arizona birth certificates from 1990 to the present can be obtained. "As is" Arizona birth certificates from 1950-1989 can be issued, but cannot be used to apply for a passport. For more information contact Karen at (928) 524-4750 or visit

AARP Tax-Aide offers volunteer opportunities

AARP Tax-Aide is the largest free, volunteer-run tax counseling and preparation service in the country. Each year from Feb. 1 - April 15, AARP Tax-Aide volunteers prepare federal and state tax returns for middle and low-income taxpayers with special attention given to people 60 and older.

Right now, Tax-Aide representatives in Arizona are recruiting volunteers for tax counseling and/or leadership positions with the program. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Membership in AARP is not required to get involved in the program.

"Volunteers with Tax-Aide get a lot of satisfaction from helping people prepare their taxes," said Diane Pearson, AARP Tax-Aide State Coordinator. "We need people with good computer skills to help out with electronic filing and we need people with basic computer skills who will be taught how to use our computer tax program."

AARP Tax-Aide tax volunteers receive comprehensive training in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service. Leadership positions coordinate program delivery by volunteers at sites at the local, state or regional level or manage specific program activities such as technology, training, administration or communication. Although tax training and certification is encouraged, it is not required for many leadership positions. Volunteers are reimbursed on a limited basis for qualified program-related expenses. For more information about becoming a local AARP Tax-Aide volunteer, call toll-free 1-888-OUR-AARP (1-888-687-2277) or visit our web site at

AARP Tax-Aide is administered through the AARP Foundation in cooperation with the Internal Revenue Service. The AARP Foundation is an affiliated 501 (c) (3) nonpartisan charitable organization.

The AARP Foundation administers publicly and privately funded programs, such as AARP Tax-Aide and the AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program. The Foundation also carries out national litigation through AARP Foundation Litigation, and the Washington, DC based advocacy programs funded through Legal Counsel for the Elderly. These programs also receive support from AARP.

New contemporary art grant program for Native visual and expressive arts announced

The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian is accepting applications for its Visual and Expressive Arts Grants program designed to support the wide-ranging creative activities of Native American artists. The goal of the program is to increase the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of contemporary Native American arts. Funding opportunities are for the Visual Arts and Expressive Arts, and the application deadline is Jan. 15, 2008.

The Visual Arts Program will fund exhibitions, installations, publications and critical writing that interpret and present the work of contemporary Native visual artists to the public and encourage dialogue and critical commentary. The amount of each award will range from $7,500 to $15,000 per project. The criteria for selection will be based on the artistic and programmatic merit of the project, the ability to reach a diverse audience and the nature and extent of interpretation. Nonprofit or education-based organizations are encouraged to apply.

The Expressive Arts Program will fund the creation and presentation of new works (or existing but never-performed works) by Native artists, with particular emphasis on collaboration. Artists may create presentations that include music, dance, spoken word, electronic media, film and video, costume design, mask making, set design, performance art, photography, painting and other forms of expression. Selected artists will receive grants of up to $10,000. The scope of the projects and their overall merit, as well as the number of applicants, will determine the size of the grant awards.

Awards will be announced March 15, 2008. Grants are effective from May 1, 2008 through April 30, 2009.

This program is made possible with the generous support from the Ford Foundation's IllumiNation grant program.

For additional information and to download an application, visit

Holbrook High School class reunion

The Holbrook High School Class of 1974 announces their class reunion set for 2009 in Holbrook. Roadrunners, heads up! If you have any questions, you may e-mail or, or call L.C. Baldwin at (505) 863-7687 (work) or (505) 979-4509 (cell), or mail your question(s) to P.O. Box 3752, Gallup, N.M. 87305.

Black Mesa Trust Seeks New Membership

The Black Mesa Trust is currently seeking new membership for the Black Mesa Trust Organization. According to Vernon Masyesva, Executive Director, the Mission of Black Mesa Trust is "to safeguard, preserve and honor the land, air, and water of Black Mesa. Black Mesa Trust is about harnessing the lessons of traditional knowledge with western science and technology to secure permanently our homeland for generations of children yet to come."

Black Mesa Trust is a 501©(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductable. You may join Black Mesa Trust in the following membership categories: $1 Pavatya-Tadpole, $10 Paakwa-Frog, $25 Baaqavi-Reed, $50 Paawiya-Duck, $100 Tangaqwunu-Rainbow, $250 Paahutaviyva-Spring Keeper, $500 Yoytaviyta-Rainkeeper, and $1,000 Paahutunatyawtaqa-Water Guardian.

Please send your name, address, phone number or e-mail and tribal affiliation. Send your check or money order to: Black Mesa Trust, P.O. Box 33, Kykotsmovi, Arizona 86039. For more information, go to or call (928) 734-9255.

Wheels of love

Do you know someone who has been deprived of their ability to walk due to illness or disease? Wheels of Love helps seniors who suffer from respiratory disorders, arthritis, cardiovascular disease, or has a mobility limitation making it difficult to propel a standard wheelchair to receive a powerchair or scooter paid for by Medicare. For eligibility information call (866) 631-3028.

Coconino County volunteer opportunities

Do you ever feel disconnected with the community? Would you like to make a positive difference in someone's life? Join the team at Coconino County Community Services and volunteer your time to help our citizens who may be in need of some help. Volunteers are currently being recruited to help homebound seniors or disabled adults in a variety of ways including friendly phone calls, visits, shopping, transportation assistance and yard maintenance. There are also many other volunteer opportunities available through the county. Call Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom at (928) 522-7913 or e-mail to be matched with a service position in you community today!

Mountain Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting

All interested individuals are invited to the monthly Mountain Spinners and Weavers Guild meeting, which is held at 9 a.m., on the third Saturday of each month at the American Lutheran Church, 1085 Scott Dr. in Prescott. For more information contact Rowena Tank at (928) 899-3574.

Honoring the Gift of Heart Health

Heart Disease prevention classes are being offered by the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation Health Promotion / Disease Prevention Program. Classes will be held twice a week from 6 - 8 p.m. For more information or to register, call (928) 283-1433 or (928) 283-2404.

Free supplies for non-profits

The National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources is now offering free school and office supplies, clothing, building materials, holiday decoration, personal care items, books and games to schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. By becoming a NAEIR member, your organization has the opportunity to receive an average of $18,000 worth of these new, donated supplies each year. Members can request free supplies from a 200-plus page catalog, monthly fliers and the NAEIR Website. For a free membership information kit call 1 (800) 562-0955 or email

Free wheelchairs

The Senior Wheels USA Program makes available power wheelchairs to Senior Citizens and permanently disabled persons at no cost to qualifying recipients. Power wheel chairs are provided to those who can no longer walk or self-propel a manual wheelchair and who meet the additional guidelines of the program. No deposit is necessary. Call toll free 1 (800) 246-6010 for more information.

GED distance learning opportunity

Coconino Community College offers free online GED preparation program. Individuals who want to study for a GED but can't attend class regularly, can use GED Online to study and take practice tests anywhere they can access the Internet. In Flagstaff and surrounding areas, call Coconino Community College Adult Education at (928) 226-4317. This program is free to all and is funded by the Arizona Department of Education.

Support for nonprofits

On the third Wednesday of each month New Frontiers donates five percent of that day's sales to a Flagstaff nonprofit group that provides for critical human needs such as food, shelter, emergency health care or a safe haven. In the past, monies have also been donated to reading programs, community cleanup campaigns, children's groups, causes and programs that improve the quality of life in Flagstaff. To find out if a group qualifies for the five percent program at New Frontiers, phone Priya Drews at (928) 774-5747 for an application.

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