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Sun, April 05

Hopi Bruin Battalion rocks Winslow Christmas parade

The Hopi High Color Guard Team led the Winslow Christmas parade on Nov. 22.

The Hopi High Color Guard Team led the Winslow Christmas parade on Nov. 22.

WINSLOW, Ariz. - Once again the Hopi Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (JROTC) stole the spotlight at Winslow's 62nd Annual Christmas Parade. The parade was held Nov. 22. Although the parade didn't start until 1 p.m., the cadets were there by 10:45 a.m. to prepare for the one-mile parade by practicing their chants. While the battalion was practicing their chants, the Color Guard Team practiced presenting colors for the judges.

When the parade started, the battalion was ready to show their stuff in front of the city of Winslow as they marched along to the seven chants - "1-7," "Hey Hopi," "I Get a Line"," "Batman," "H-O-P-I," and "Hip-Hop Lollipop."

While the battalion marched, Cadet Captain Tasha LaBahe, Cadet First Sergeant Waukera Joe and Cadet Sergeant First Class Saniel Honyaktewa counted cadence for them. By the time the battalion reached the judges' stand, the cadets were loud and surely gave the judges a show they'll never forget.

While the battalion was marching behind the Color Guard Team, the Color Guard marched ahead with their four flags. The Color Guard Team consisted of Cadet 1st Lieutenant Clayden Torivio, Cadet Private Candice Tso, Cadet Private Janine Shula and Cadet Private Josette Delowe and Team Captain Cadet Major Marlana Talayumptewa. While Cadet Major Talayumptewa called commands, Cadet 1st Lieutenant Torivio carried the National Flag, Cadet Private Tso carried the Arizona State Flag, Cadet Private Delowe carried the Hopi Flag, and Cadet Private Shula carried the Navajo Flag.

Although there were no rifle barriers, the Color Guard Team got plenty of compliments on how well they did. Team Captain Talayumptewa said, "They did an excellent job."

When they were done with the march, the cadets received plenty of applause and compliments about their chants and uniforms. Many of the cadets also managed to make their voices go hoarse, but still had enough enthusiasm to enjoy their lunch on their way home.

Although the original battalion commander was not there, the battalion still did very well and managed to impress the judges and their fans.

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