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"Where Do I Vote? What Do I Need To Bring To The Polls?"
Things to know for Tuesday’s primary

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - "Where do I vote and what ID do I need?" is a question that's heard over and over again by Coconino County Elections staff on Election Day. Registered voters are encouraged to be prepared when they visit their polling place to vote in the Primary Election on Tuesday. This means knowing where your polling place is located and what ID is required in order to vote.

By law, every registered household was mailed a sample ballot. Polling places are listed on the sample ballots. It is important to note that during the last election held in Coconino County, the Feb. 5 Presidential Preference Election, state law required that voting precincts be consolidated. Voting precincts are not being consolidated in Tuesday's election, so voters may be voting at a different location than in the February election.

If a voter has not moved and is registered to vote, they may also determine the location of their polling place by logging on to the County Elections website at and clicking on "Locate Your Polling Place." The voter can type in their address and their polling place and address will be displayed.

If a voter has moved and has not updated their voter registration information, they must, by law, go to their new polling place (based on their current address) and vote a "provisional ballot." The provisional ballot is returned to the Elections Office on election night to begin the process of verification. Voters who have moved may call the Elections Office to verify where they should go to vote and what they will need to do in order to vote.

ID Requirements

In order to speed up the voting process and ensure a better voting experience, voters should make sure they have the required ID in hand when they go to the polling place on Election Day.

There are specific requirements for certain forms of identification, both photo and non-photo. A driver's license is sufficient ID at the polls only if the voter's address on the license matches the address in the signature roster.

An easy form of acceptable ID is a Voter Identification Card and an Arizona Vehicle Registration form. This combination of two forms on non-photo ID will allow voters to vote a regular ballot rather than a provisional. A list of additional approved non-photo forms of ID can be found on the Elections Web site at (click on "ID at the Polls").

Another option for voters is to vote early, either at the Elections Office or at one of several satellite locations around the County. Voter ID requirements do not apply to early voters.

Early voting is available through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) at the following locations:

• Coconino County Elections, 110 E. Cherry, Flagstaff

• Grand Canyon School District Office (Monday-Thursday), 1 Boulder St.

• Page City Hall, 697 Vista Ave.

• Williams City Hall, 113 S. First St.

• Fredonia Town Hall, 25 N. Main

• Coconino County Elections Office, Basement of the Tuba City Library

• Sedona City Clerk, 102 Roadrunner Dr.

For more information, call the Elections Office at (928) 779-6589 or toll free (800) 793-6181.

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