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Tue, Sept. 28

First annual Leupp chili cook-off scheduled for Oct. 9

Selena Holgate, nutritionist for the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project, Dilkon Service Unit.

Selena Holgate, nutritionist for the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project, Dilkon Service Unit.

LUEPP-The First Annual Southwest Chili Cook-Off has been scheduled at the Luepp Flea Market, Oct. 9, by the Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project (NNSDP), Dilkon Service Unit.

"We are really looking forward to this event for our people in the ... Navajo Nation," said Selena Holgate, nutritionist for NNSDP. "We anticipate that it will be a fun event for those who want to enter. The chili cook-off is open to anyone who would like to demonstrate their cooking skills."

The NNSDP has been hosting chili cook-offs throughout the Navajo Nation for the past four years with great success. The contestants must provide their own utensils and the food products that they are planning to use that day in the contest.

Contestants may cook chili salsa, chili beans, or any other dish made with chili, according to Holgate.

Holgate said that the purpose of the cook-off is to promote healthy lifestyle changes and practices through community-based activities in prevention of diabetes among the Navajo people by focusing on healthy cooking, with emphasis on food safety as well as sanitation practices in the home and public gatherings.

She stated that chili pepper nutrition is fun to eat because it is more nutritious than most other vegetables; fresh green chili peppers are very high in vitamin C containing about twice the amount by weight than citrus; red chili peppers contain more Vitamin A than carrots; fresh chili is also more nutritious than the regular red and green bell pepper.

The registration will be open at 10:00 a.m. followed by check-in and orientation for the contestants. The cooking contest will start at 10:30 a.m. when contestants will be assigned their cooking stations on a first come, first served basis; random judging will begin as soon as contestants are prepared to cook. Awards will be given to contest winners are 2:00 p.m.

The prizes for the contest include gas grill for first and second places; mini refrigerator for third place; microwave oven for fourth; charcoal grill for fifth place; pots and pans for sixth place and a set of dishware for 7th place.

For additional information, contact Selena Holgate in Dilkon or by calling (928) 657-8088.

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