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Mon, Sept. 27

Greatness for our future cannot be achieved with the current Navajo Nation government


Ya'at'eeh shi'k'e doo shi'dine'! Well, the council delegates again went against the wishes of our people and bypassed the requested emergency council session to discuss the gaming issue and passed the resolution to accept J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank to be the sole financier of the gaming initiative. So, what's new?

I couldn't help but wonder, just how long are we as Diné, going to sit idly by and allow gross neglect of our sovereignty and hozho by this council and this government as a whole?

I am just a mockingbird, mocking the many sentiments of my fellow Diné whenever I speak out against the apparent gross neglect for our Nation's future security and livelihood. Each time I write, I wonder if anyone is listening and observing just how haphazardly this council is functioning, and then I wonder what kind of government do we as Navajo citizens really want? It's been mentioned as a footnote in our nations' past rhetoric, but it has never been fully addressed with concrete deliberation and action.

Can we achieve true greatness with this current government? It's been almost 27 years since Title II, and I have yet to witness any greatness in the decision-making of our current government.

While our Nation's social, economic, and political infrastructures are in shambles (evidenced by a growing number of Navajos living off the reservation), I wonder just how are we going to address the issues concerning the renegotiations of 150-year mineral and water rights leases, or discussions on amending or renegotiations of the Treaty of 1868, or demanding for the return of our Diné children in line of the Indian Reparation Act.

Not only should the Indian Reparation Act include the return of our culture's artifacts and ancestral remains, but should include the many enslaved Navajo children who were subjected to the BIA boarding school system which systematically stole Navajo children and forcibly relocated them to non-Navajo families and institutions through adoption. They are still making their Long Walk home to Dinetah! Our Long Walk continues!

The forced relocation of many Navajo children and families through the Bennett Freeze Area and Joint Use Area can be viewed as a right to litigation through the Reparation of Indians process to right the wrong of the many Navajo Children and families who were forced to relocate off their sacred lands in order to terminate our culture and the peoples.

Again, this has been a gross neglect of this government and current executive; we still have our Navajo elders displaced from their JUA lands, and this government allowed the American Government to give up our land!

So, I sit here and wonder-what kind of government do we want! Wondering in Kinlani-hagoonee!

Peter June-Corbell (Kinlichinni)


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