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Fri, June 05

Leupp residents all need to be on the same page

May 17, 2007


I want everyone to be on the same page about Leupp community issues especially east Canyon Diablo residents. The Canyon Diablo residents have very important issues and want questions answered, but rather, they were given numerous excuses from the Leupp Chapter. In a May 16 article in the Navajo Hopi Observer, Leupp Chapter officials have been quoted as saying "being on the same page" and "want to see our people get served here before water is sent out" which differs from the reality we are dealing with.

Today, Canyon Diablo residents face the ultimatum of trying to work with the Chapter to provide water to residents. Lately, plans and meetings were held (March 27) without resident's involvement or input. And now, residents are being labeled as "stingy" due to resistance of the plan because important information is not being provided to them.

In March, I've written numerous letters requesting minutes, District V Water Plan meetings and changing the Chapter meetings to weekends.

The Chapter gave numerous excuses for not providing the minutes, which must be requested on a form as required by the Five Management System. The Chapter is not a certified Chapter therefore the requirement for a form is null and void. 

Regarding the issue of the March 27 meeting, they didn't acknowledge why the Chapter didn't advise the residents of a March 27 meeting in Ft. Defiance. 

The Chapter however did change the June Chapter meeting to a Sunday, which we very much appreciated, thank you.

Recently, we were informed IHS does not support the residents' request for individual wells, which will be powered by wind turbines and solar. The reason for the non-support relies on IHS studies of the terrain being to "rocky." 

Answer me this, Why have a water plan to build pipelines all over Canyon Diablo when it has been determined to be too rocky?

Another hurdle we face is to develop individual well's water plan of our own because the Chapter doesn't want to create one for the people.

Theses concerns were pointed out and will continue to be addressed so the community knows of what's going on. The Chapter officials advise us not to be so critical and not to embarrass them in public. Isn't that part of the job description plus their being paid $500 per meeting? Once you're a public servant, this is what elected officials face everyday. Telling us what not to say is infringing on our rights to free speech. If the Chapter officials worked by informing the people on issues in the first place, you wouldn't have a problem and voters wouldn't be criticizing anyone.

I hope this clears up much confusion about the Canyon Diablo residents being called "stingy" and how the Chapter is not on "the same page" with concerned residents.

I look forward on working along with the Chapter officials about the wishes of the community members.


Calvin Johnson


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