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Fri, Sept. 18

Our Navajo elderly should be respected


My name is Sheldon David. I am in the sixth grade at STAR School. I am a group leader of a project there that helps elders in our community. I have been helping an elder by chopping wood and bringing it inside for her. We also wash her dishes and take out her trash and ashes.

Our school group brought her one load of wood right before the Christmas break. During the Christmas break the church I attend called Leupp Church of the Nazarene gathered wood for the elders around the Leupp area. We hauled twelve loads of wood to elders. One of those elders was the lady I am talking about.

When we got back to school, I took a team of students to this elder's house to check on her and make sure she had enough wood and water. I saw that she was almost out of wood! We hauled her wood right before Christmas. She told us that someone came at night and stole her wood.

She lives in a small trailer that has no insulation. There is air that comes beneath the trailer because it has no skirting. She has no electricity or running water. Her grandchildren and brother and sister do not help her. She is very happy to see us when we come, and she is very grateful for the help we have been giving her.

As young people, we feel very good about helping the elders. But when I found out that someone stole her wood-someone who must live near her or how else would they know she had it-it makes me feel disappointed.

The elders that we help need many things. I would like for other people in my community to help us in our project this coming season. We should all help our grandmas and grandpas because they are old and they get sick easier than young people. They give us knowledge about being Navajo people, and they give us love and respect.

I would like to tell the people who stole her wood to just take care of yourself, since you are younger than her. She cannot drive a truck, and she has a hard time seeing and walking. Please, just leave her alone. Now we have to find some more wood for her.

Sheldon David


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