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NPC audit problems are fixable

March 28, 2007

Dear Editor:

Here I go again. I attended the March 23 Northland Pioneer College (NPC) meeting regarding NPC's long history of audit problems. It's quite interesting how the news release for this meeting was prepared on Thursday, March 22.

Anyway, the current NPC president decides to have this meeting. Why? Some of us are still wondering. He authorizes to have all campus and centers office closed for this highly important meeting. Many attended the meeting and I commend the staff, students and especially faculty that were there to ask questions. Although the questions were not always answered, they were asked.

Yes, NPC has audit problems folks, BUT, they are fixable and NPC still stands in good shape financially. Why didn't our District Governing Board pick up on this matter years ago? It's on the Internet and has been for years, yet you claim that you receive quarterly reports and accept them as they are.

Although there aren't any criminal or fraudulent charges against NPC, the current NPC president chose to ask for the resignation of two vice presidents. I asked if the resignations of these two staff members were brought before the District Governing Board and his answer was, "I don't need the approval of the board."

The current NPC president has already assigned someone to fill these positions, so I asked again if this action was approved by the board, and again his answer was, "I don't need board approval." What power this man has (abuse of authority).

NPC has been in service for 35+ years and he chooses the last five years. Maybe there are more we don't know but I think someone wanted to do some finger-pointing. After doing research, yes, there are other community colleges that are having problems-some worse than ours.

Going through the Plan of Action the current NPC president submitted, the most common phrase used was "employ a firm or individual(s) to support the role of Vice President of Administration, Director of Financial Service, Controller, Director of Personnel, Information Technology. A reputable individual, or team of individuals, skilled and experienced in community college enrollment management, to assess our curricula, processes, marketing, infrastructure and systems which impact enrollment." This sounds like OUTSOURCING!!!!

The current NPC president stated that twice he submitted his resignation and both times the board refused it. Why didn't the board-our elected officials-ask for feedback from employees, students, staff, faculty, and community members? The Faculty Association filed a vote of no confidence. Doesn't this account for something?

Let's not divert from the real issue here. The real issue is, again, that many NPC staff will be losing their jobs to "firms or reputable individual(s), or team of individuals." What will happen to what used to be NPC? Ask the current NPC president and the District Governing Board members.

Eva B. Purvis


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