Navajo-Hopi Nations,Flagstaff & Winslow News
Wed, Jan. 27

Congratulations President Shirley

Congratulations to the Shirley/Shelly camp and also to Lovejoy/Phelps.  Shirley/Shelly, you have won the election and now it's up to both of you to honor your slogan "Continuing with Progress in Meeting the Needs of the Navajo People" and platform: Continuity of Leadership, Respect for Navajo Tradition and Culture, Continuity of Economic Development Initiatives, Streamline Navajo Nation Government, Protect Navajo Sovereignty, etc.

Your slogan and platform says it all and means your administration must work with grassroots people by seeking different ideas like alternative energy instead of power plants.  Stop depletion of our resources (water, coal, oil) to large corporations, discontinue secret negotiations and enforce accountability in all shapes and forms.  If you take these into consideration, we'll have a great future for our children and our people.

We don't need another Head Start shutdown, closing of a Boy & Girls Club, no scholarships for our children, sweetheart deals to corporations, and staff stealing money or signs from the people.

If the new administration continues the follow the current path of destruction, I hope the council will actually listen to the people and vote to censure the administration.  So please, work with the people for the people.

Calvin Johnson

C-Aquifer for Diné, President

Leupp, AZ

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