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Wed, Aug. 12

Democrats hold ground in Arizona, but little gained

While Democrats across the country celebrate their winning back of the majority of seats in both the House and the Senate, Arizona Democrats have gained no ground. Governor Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard received public confidence ‹ winning by large margins. Some propositions passed for good and bad, and the incumbent Republicans held on to their seats, except for JD Hayworth who was barely knocked off the wagon by Harry Mitchell.

Expected outcomes did not come to fruition with Jim Pederson (D) and Ellen Simon (D), as Jon Kyl (R) and Rick Renzi (R) will be playing for Arizona in D.C.; however, since the balance of power has now shifted, it may no longer be the same game for the two Arizona Republicans.

On a local level, Navajo County 68.88 percent of voters said yes to Prop 400, for the County to increase its expenditure limit percent.

Navajo Nation Joe Shirley will remain in office to continue programs like economic development, allocating water rights and casino building.

Albert Hale (D) kept State Senate District 2 seat by over a 50 percent margin. Tom Albert (D) and Ann Kirkpatrick (D) also retained their State Representative District 2 positions by comfortable margins.

Phil Cobb (D) did not oust conservative District 5 State Senator Jake Flake (R), who won by a 20 percent margin.

For State Representative District 5, both Jack Brown (D) and Bill Konopnicki (R) won a seat at the State Capitol.

Secretary of State Jan Brewer who implemented the new voter ID requirements, which drew much criticism from the Navajo Nation, will stay in office.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction is Tom Horne (R) again, though Navajo County voters preferred Jason Williams (D). Navajo County Superintendent Linda Lee Morrow (D) was a shoe-in as she ran unchallenged.

Despite the local popularity of Rick Boyer (D) for Corporation Commission, these numbers were not enough statewide and Chris Mayes (R) and Gary Pierce (R) will be in charge of regulating energy companies and monopolies.

All Navajo County Democrats won unchallenged in Judicial seats and Precinct seats: Juanita Mann ­ Clerk of the Superior Court; Ralph Hatch ­ Prec. 1 Justice of the Peace; Phyllis Marie Romo ­ Prec. 1 constable; Alison Kolomitz ­ Prec. 2 Justice of the Peace; Madeline Hernandez ­ Prec. 2 constable; Evelyne Bradley ­ Prec. 4; Ray Brown ­ Prec. 5 constable; David Widmaier ­ Prec. 6 Justice of the Peace; Ryan Reinhold ­ Prec. 6.

Tom Wing was elected to be Judge of the Superior Court Division 1.

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