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Wed, July 08

TC High students are encouraged to consider abstinence over sex
Luis Galdemez talks straight up about sexual responsibility to TC teens

When most adults talk to teens about sex, they skip some of the most complex emotional parts of why teens get pregnant at such early ages. They forget why teens become blinded by what they think is true, life long love but its really just raging, young hormones in overdrive.

And these specific emotional and intense physical reasons are the same reasons that most adults themselves fall into messy extramarital affairs, often making bad decisions that involve taking risks with sexually transmitted diseases creating more irresponsibility when it comes to helping raise the very children they create through these complex sexual issues.

But there is a difference between casual sex and real love--a big difference.

These emotional differences about romantic commitment and sexual gratification between teenage boys and girls were a big part of Galdemez' presentation.

Sexual abstinence as a new life style choice was the topic broached last week in a two part, one-day presentation by Luis Galdemez, a bilingual community outreach sex educator who is a native of El Salvador.

Galdemez, who arrived in the United States as a teen, uses his own life story to illustrate the benefits of "abstinence" for teenagers not just for sex, but also for drugs and alcohol.

In his 90 minute presentation, Galdemez illustrated that boys in the teen years, are only thinking about instant sexual gratification with no emotional commitment beyond that moment, and how often these boys have little to no regard about the emotional feelings of the young women they have sex with.

For boys, it's only about the instant pleasure and any thoughts of long-term commitment are just not a part of reality for them.

While it seems harsh that young men should feel this way, it's a fact according to Galdemez--the most important fact he advised female students to consider before acting on a sexual opportunity.

Galdemez also explained to the boys that women act on sexual opportunity for other reasons--love, commitment, parenthood, marriage and children. He said that this female emotional tie-in confuses sexual issues, and often causes two different sets of thinking and consequences.

Galdemez picked four students from the Warrior student audience to illustrate his points about sexual responsibility differences asking them to role play about the harsh differences in boy-girl sexual thinking.

Later that evening, Galdemez helped TC High host a TC High Staff against Greyhills High Staff basketball scrimmage, which Tuba City High Staff won by two points, final score of 37 -- 35.

The winning Warrior staff team included Jon Attakai, Mitchell Tallman, Mitchell Bahnimptewa, Sandra Roe, Nina Brown, John McIntosh, Kim Williams, Ross Williams, Robert Blackhat and Brian Tallsalt.

Greyhills staff participants included Crystal Claw, Rosita George, Larsena Slender, Chris Butler, Michelle Maloney, Danny Salabye, Ivis Peaches, Roland Kelwood, William Green, Annette Hemstreet, Tasha Salabye.

Josh McIntosh, a TC High student announced the game, while Harlan Tsinigine served as staff game referee.

Galdemez spoke to the Warrior parents and community about abstinence and how he thought parents could most effectively help their students through these difficult emotional years, then closed out his community presentation by holding a special gift raffle that included gift certificates to Wal-Mart and local restaurants.

For more information about Galdemez and his sexual abstinence presentation, call TC High Counselor, Lucy Hatathlie-Nez at 928-283-1047.

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