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Mon, June 01

Police crackdown, 6 arrested

Last week, Winslow Police Department responded to an anonymous tip they received six weeks ago reporting suspicious activity in the Tierra Linda Apartments on 3rd Street. Police surveillance conducted the night before the bust witnessed more than 24 individuals enter and leave apartment number seven.

Wed., March 15. ­ The battering ram smashed the door open; police forcefully entered the room with their guns drawn; the crowded room scattered.

"Get on the ground! Hands where I can see them! Get down, get down!"

Amidst the violence, two children; 2 and 6-years-old, stand quietly at peace in the chaos as if this were nothing out-of-the-ordinary.

"The saddest thing about this is that the children didn't so much as let-out a squeak during this operation; probably because they have gotten used to this kind of activity with police coming around into their lives so often," said K.C. Clark, deputy commander of the Major Crimes Apprehension Team for Navajo County.

About $1000 of crystal meth was seized from the apartment. Six people were arrested; one of those was on a suspect list of 13 ­ 15 people that the police have been targeting in the area. Byron L. Martin, 39 and James C Shea, 36, are being charged with possession to sale narcotics. The four others will be charged with possession of narcotics.

Andrew Trujillo and Daniel Posy, arrested for possession, were renting apartment seven. They had been living there for a couple of months. Their landlord said that they had owed her some deposit money and late fees, now a door is busted and broken on her property which she will have to try an collect from the tenants when they get out of jail. She told police officers to give her the arrested tenants' keys because she did not want them on her property ever again.

Child Protective Services was called in for the two children of those arrested, but relatives of the suspects came to pick them up later.

"Anytime we can find a relative we try to give them a call. Many of the times we find that the relatives who come pick these children up, new this kind of thing was going on for some time," said Winslow Police Chief Stephen Garnett.

The police department is grateful for the person that took the initiative to let us know about what they thought was going on. This will help us to further clean up the drugs and crime from the streets of Winslow. We truly support these efforts of people who want to work with us to combat this problem," Garnett said.

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