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Letters to the Editor March 1, 2006
Preserve our sacred sites

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter, dated Feb. 24, 2006, was e-mailed to Coconino County Supervisors Carl Taylor, Liz Archuleta, Matt Ryan, Deb Hill and Louise Yellowman.)

My name is Calvin Johnson from the Leupp, Ariz. I’m a 26 year old Navajo who is concerned about Case No. ZC-06-001. You may or may not know that part of the proposed residential development site at Twin Arrows I-40 Interchange contains archaeological resources.

“Case No. ZC-06-001: A request for a Zone Change from General (10 acre minimum) to Planned Residential Development to accommodate the development of 660 units. The property consists of 660 acres, is located northeast of the Twin Arrows I-40 interchange, and is identified as Assessor’s Parcel Numbers 303-03-005Z, 018, and 019. Applicant: Padre Canyon Trails, LLC, Tucson, Arizona”

My concern is if development occurs, there will be significant amount of damage and looting to the area. Artifacts and ruins will be sold/destroyed.

I would like Coconino County Board of Supervisors to respect your “Community Character Purpose & Vision Plan”

“Our Purpose & Vision: In keeping with our vision for Coconino County’s future, this Community Character Element seeks to define, preserve, and enhance the quality of the places where we live, work, and enjoy our leisure time. Its goals include protecting the unique characteristics of our communities and providing facilities and services that support community-based activities. Its policies promote areas of concentrated activity in rural communities and improve the aesthetic character of the county’s commercial, industrial, residential, and GATEWAY areas. They also preserve the county’s historic, cultural, and architectural heritage; protect ecological landscapes; and enhance scenic vistas,

viewsheds, and byways. Other policies encourage the coordination of land use planning, the sharing of resources, and the protection of SACRED SITES between area tribes and the County. Finally, this Element contains policies for minimizing noise and light pollution.”

Please preserve the archaeological resources which are part of history and culture.

A concerned Coconino County resident and voter.

Calvin Johnson

Leupp, Ariz.

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