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Sun, Oct. 17

Local businessman accused of sex with minors

A Grand Jury of Navajo County indicted Marvin Reed Hatch, 71 of Winslow, on multiple of sexual conduct with a minor and a matching number of counts for child prostitution. Involved on these charges against Hatch are three young girls, ages 15, 16 and 18; two of whom are related and two of whom whose mothers were prostituting to Hatch.

Law enforcement responded to a complaint filed by a friend of the alleged victims' family; whereby, upon investigation, the matter was taken to the county attorney for prosecution.

Hatch was not taken into custody pending the developments in the trail. Navajo County Attorney Melvin Bowers said that due to Hatch's ties in the community and criminal history, they did not consider him to be a risk-of-flight from the trial.

Evidence and allegations presented in the case file describe Hatch, a locally well-known businessman as being involved in sexual conduct with women and girls for money. According to some of the accusers' testimony to police, Hatch motivated the females to agree to have sex with him in exchange for money under the threat that he might have taken away a trailer he purchased for one of the underage victim's mother who also had a previous relationship with him.

The family friend who informed police, said one of the young girls, 15-years old during the alleged incident, came to her and said, "I don't like where I am staying," because the mother allegedly pimps her and her sister to Hatch.

According to the accusers, the incidences took place in the back office at Hatch's business location ­ the Second Mesa Rock Shop and auto yard on Minnetonka Rd. The women and girls were hired to clean his business, but they told police that Hatch asked them to perform other services once hired.

When confessing, the youngest girl told the family friend while crying that Hatch would ask her to do things with him that made her uncomfortable; especially by asking her to have sex with him in front of her sister. She said he would tell her not to cry and that she would feel like throwing up afterwards.

When police served a search warrant on Hatch's office, they discovered: Viagra and Oxycontin, various sexual paraphernalia, nude photographs of some of the accusers and many promissory notes not just from the accusers, but others too. All the handwritten IOUs described sexual acts with an accompanying price and were signed with the first names of many women of possibly girls.

When brought in for questioning, police asked Hatch about the IOUs. Hatch said he never collected on them. When asked about why he kept razor blades and shaved the public hairs of the girls, he told police, "It seemed like the right thing to do at the time."

At the time of deadline, Hatch was scheduled to attend a case management hearing before trial.

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