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Graduation -- the most rewarding part of my job

Moira Clark

Moira Clark

More than 60 students participated in College America's June 9 graduation ceremony in Flagstaff with more than 800 guests in attendance. The graduation was electrifying and filled with diversity, showcasing our student's talents.

As we watched the graduates walk across stage with pride and joy we couldn't help thinking we had a part in them achieving their success. Many students are the first to graduate from college in their family and set a positive example for future generations.

The CollegeAmerica admissions team is the group of individuals on site that helps potential students begin their dream of becoming a college graduate. Here the admissions process is just the beginning of a journey that starts with a prospective student sitting down with me or a member of my team to talk about how things are going in their life -- especially their career. Most of our prospective students are here to better their lives for themselves and family. The first step in doing so is getting a college education.

During our new student orientation I always ask what percentage of people in the world have a college education? I tend to get answers such as 30 percent or 10 percent. I then tell the new students the real answer: only 1 percent of the world population has a college degree. The number seems staggering considering at times you feel like everyone around you is going to college or already has a degree. I let the new students know that they will be a part of that 1 percent and should take great pride in that achievement.

Enrolling into college can be a very scary process. Felesha Whitehair, an Admissions Consultant here at CollegeAmerica experienced one of those scary moments for a prospective student. Rhonda Andrews visited CollegeAmerica feeling very nervous about enrolling in college. She had some self-doubt and was very hesitant to even start the admissions process. Rhonda felt that since she had been out of school for a bit she was wondering how successful she would be. With a little confidence from the admissions team and outstanding discipline from herself, Rhonda was CollegeAmerica's Valedictorian for this past June's graduation.

"I was nervous, but everybody here is so friendly that by the time you start classes you feel like a big family," Rhonda said.

She was no exception to being fearful of entering college. In fact, the majority of the people we meet with are nervous about this. Our job as the admissions team is to help you feel comfortable with this new journey you are about to start. We want you to make the best choice for you and your family; choosing college tends to be a step in the right direction.

After earning your degree, on average, you will earn $600 more per month. Ninety percent of our students get a professional career within 1- months of graduation. So if you would like to earn more money, earn an associates degree within 15 months, and have a career you love, feel free to call today to set up a free consultation appointment. We are located in Flagstaff near Target, behind Arby's in the Greentree Shopping Plaza beside Busters.

I encourage anyone who wants to pursue his or her dream of becoming a college graduate to stop in and talk to the admissions team. We are here to support and educate you on the endless opportunities that may lie ahead for you and your family.

The most rewarding part of my job is watching you walk across the stage, receive your diploma, watch your family cheer for your hard work and dedication.

Congratulations to our June 2006 graduates: Veronica Nelson, Deseree Deel, Nick Almandarez, Kristin Barr, Marsha Jodie, Waunita Silversmith, Latoya Watson and Shirleen Begay!

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