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Wed, July 28

U CAN 2: A pathway to a medical profession
Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. spotlight on Mary Scott

Mary Scott

Mary Scott

TUBA CITY -- Mary Scott graduated from Monument Valley High School in Kayenta and continued her education at Northern Arizona University, earning a bachelor's degree in nursing.

Only two weeks after graduating nursing school, she began working in the Adult Care Unit at the Tuba City Hospital. Currently, she is the Registered Nurse Manager in the recovery room and short stay surgery unit at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation.

What brought Mary back to Tuba City? She completed an externship in the ACU during the summer of her sophomore and junior years of nursing school and said she enjoyed her experience working with the native population.

Scott also said, "I also like the location; Tuba City is 1.5 hrs from my mother's homestead and it's convenient to go to family events and gatherings."

When asked what she likes about being a nurse, Mary said she wants to make a difference in the health care of her native people.

"I'm able to give teachings to them in my native language, and I know when interpreting Navajo to English and vice versa the language can be filtered," she said. "Most of all, I like bedside care, and it gives me great satisfaction at the end of the day, especially if it's been extremely busy."

After working an extremely busy day, Scott said, "If it's challenging, it's very interesting and it gives me motivation."

One inspiring thing Scott wanted to say to someone going into the medical field was, "Anywhere in the world, you would be able to get a job in the medical field."

Take that first step

Anyone who would like more information about various medical professions such as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, X-ray technician or medical lab technologist, please contact LT. Stephen D. Navarro at 928-283-2710, Michelle Francis at 928-283-2041 or LT. Shannon Newland at 928-283-2598.

(US Public Health Service Lt. Stephen D. Navarro is nurse recruiter at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp.)

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