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Wed, July 28

U CAN 2: a pathway to a medical profession
TC Regional Health Care Corp. spotlight on Marjorie Tunney Tsosie

Marjorie Tunney Tsosie

Marjorie Tunney Tsosie

Marjorie Tunney Tsosie, daughter of Evelyn Tunney and Edison Tsosie, graduated from Page High School and continued her education to earn certification as a medical assistant. She has decided to return to college and is currently a student at Coconino Community College, working to complete prerequisites for a Respiratory Therapy program. In addition to attending CCC, Tsosie has been employed at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation for the last two years as a cardiopulmonary technician in the respiratory therapy department.

When asked what she liked about her job, she answered, “I like talking to patients and helping them through procedures.”

In regards to furthering her education and career, Tsosie said, “I haven’t reached my goal, however I’m still working on it. I would like to pursue a career in Respiratory Therapy where I will be able to utilize my training and combine both language and knowledge to better assist those who need it most, Navajo elders.” After completion of her training, Marjorie said she wants to return to TCRHCC, the place where she started her career in the medical field.

Tsosie said she knows that it’s hard to return to school with a family, but her work and education involves her family and distant relatives. Her work also involves and reflects on her tribe, which she feels responsibility for when she states, “I hope my tribe will be viewed the same way I view the area where I live: magnificent and beautiful.” As encouragement to those reading, Marjorie emphasized, “We are remembered by how we live whether it is small or great. Destiny is what you make it according to you. You have built your dreams in the clouds; now all you need to build is your foundation. No matter how hard and slow it may be the payment is great.”

Take that first step

Anyone who would like more information about various medical professions such as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, X-ray technician or medical lab technologist, please contact Lt. Stephen D. Navarro at 928-283-2710, Michelle Francis at 328-283-2041 or Lt. Shannon Newland at 928-283-2598.

(US Public Health Service Lt. Stephen D. Navarro is nurse recruiter at Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp.)

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