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Tue, Sept. 28

Flagstaff firefighters awarded for merit

FLAGSTAFF-On Thursday, Dec. 7, members of the Flagstaff Fire Department (FFD) received meritorious awards from Chief Mike Iacona for life saving actions taken at a fire in the Sunnyside area of Flagstaff.

At 4:45 a.m. on Oct. 7, FFD crews responded to a reported structure fire in the trailer park at 2206 E. 7th street. Engine Two was first on the scene. Upon arrival, Capt. Gordy Wigman found one trailer fully engulfed in flames and fire spreading to the two trailers on each side. Three people were trapped in one of the trailers and were unable to exit from the front door because the intense heat was igniting everything on the exterior of that side of their home.

While firefighter Chris Samples and engineer Russ Lane applied a cooling water stream between the structures to hold off the spreading fire, Wigman was able to rescue the trapped residents out of an exterior window.

Other crews were directed to assist Engine Two in extinguishing the fire and evacuating people from other exposed trailers. The fire was contained to a single trailer though it was fully engulfed upon arrival. This trailer fire resulted in the fatality of one resident. However, the quick actions of the Engine Two crew prevented further loss of life and greatly reduced loss of property.

Sunnyside's Engine Two firefighters received the meritorious awards and crew citations at Fire Station No. Six.

Whenever possible, stop by Fire Station No. 2 at 2230 E. Spuce Ave. and let them know that we all appreciate their efforts and diligence.

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