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Mon, June 01

Tribal Chairman claims innocents of reported incident in Winslow Hotel

Kykotsmovi ­ Hopi Tribal Chairman Ivan Sidney voluntarily reported a medical incident at the quarterly Hopi Tribal Council meeting held July 17, 2006. Chairman Sidney said, "The true facts will be reported to all the Hopi people at the appropriate time. I can only assure the Hopi people that I did not violate the Hopi Constitution or tribal guidelines. Nor have I violated any federal, state, county or city laws. I am innocent."

Hopi Tribal Chairman Ivan Sidney said "I am a public figure and political attacks come with the territory. It is unfortunate, however, that my family and the Hopi people have been misled. I apologize to each of you for the embarrassment this issue may cause you. Again, I say to you "I am innocent."

"As Hopi's we know our prophecy and traditions. The Hopi chose the short ear of corn. We Hopi know we will always struggle protecting our traditions, culture, language, religion and our land. I am here on Hopi land today to do good things for my people. You told me you did not want our water used for coal slurry. I listened. Today Hopi is not using the N aquifer water for coal slurry. You asked for a Senior Citizen Retirement Center and I asked the Hopi Tribal Council to appropriate funds to make your dream a reality. We are working toward an expansion of the Hopi Health Center, which will include a much needed Day Surgery Unit. Today we face hard issues on the Navajo-Hopi Land Settlement and I am prepared. It is a time for all of us to stand united rather than divided" said Hopi Chairman Ivan Sidney.

Hopi Tribal Chairman Ivan Sidney's legal counsel Randy Roberts of the Simone, Roberts and Weiss Law Firm said, "We are honored and privileged to represent Hopi Tribal Chairman Ivan Sidney. We are conducting a complete and thorough investigation of the allegations. We have advised our client not to comment further on any issues until our investigation is concluded."

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