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Fri, July 30

Winslow man arrested in April shootings

After months of exhaustive investigation, the Winslow Police Department Criminal Investigation Division has arrested 19-year-old Damian Jose Lomeli, of Winslow, for his involvement in the BB gun shootings in April 2005.

Information obtained through the investigation places Lomeli behind the trigger in many of the cases of criminal damage in which vehicle windows were targeted. It is estimated that over 30 vehicles were damaged throughout the city at the cost of thousands of dollars to the victims and their insurance companies.

Despite ads in local circulars, the Winslow Police Department believes that not all victims came forth, some choosing not to be identified.

The Navajo County Attorney's Office is expected to issue a criminal complaint charging Lomeli with criminal damage, a class 4 felony. Other charges may be considered as well. Lomeli is currently being held in the Navajo County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

This investigation does not end with Lomeli's arrest. Other accomplices or those acting independently of Lomeli will face similar charges. The act of recklessly damaging property of another person is a serious criminal offense. The actions of a few irresponsible individuals could affect us all in the form of higher insurance premiums.

The employees of the Winslow Police Department are committed to the apprehension and prosecution of those who violate the law but need the good citizens of this city to be more effective. Please report criminal activity to the Winslow Police Department's Crime Stop by calling 289-2100.

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