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Sun, Jan. 19

Mayor testifies before parks committee regarding golf course

Mayor Jim Boles recently traveled to Washington D.C. to testify before a sub-committee of the National Resource Committee to seek relief from the National Park Service in regards to the old golf course.

Boles explained that according to all the documents in the city's files, when the grant was given by the state parks department to the city, a commitment was made by the city to maintain the recreational facility for 25 years.

By the 1990's two developers had attempted to make a go of the course, but both failed. Boles said that following this, the city notified the state that the facility had ceased as a golf course.

When the commitment was up in 2001, the city once again tried to get out from under the obligation. At that point, the federal department said that the agreement was in perpetuity, meaning the city would have to replace the land with a parcel of equal value.

Boles then approached Congressman Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.) for legislative relief. Renzi recently introduced a resolution, which will allow the city to use the property as it sees fit.

Boles was asked to testify to explain the history of the golf course, and the attempts made to make it viable.

Boles said he explained there was property which would be appropriate for a golf course, that the city had taken over a county park and continues to develop other recreational areas.

Boles explained to the committee that in Winslow's case, the golf course property would be appraised at a commercial level.

If the sub-committee approves the resolution, the full committee will then hear it, then written into a full bill and voted on by the House and Senate.

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