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Sat, Jan. 18

Brigham City chosen for restoration project

During the Sept. 27 meeting of the Winslow City Council, Mayor Jim Boles announced that he had met with Phoenix Heritage Commission Chairman John Driggs, who is also a member of Governor Janet Napolitano's centennial committee for programs and projects, about restoration of Brigham City.

As a part of the centennial celebration, the committee is looking for activities and projects to commemorate the celebration.

The committee was approved with the passage of Senate Bill 1065 during the regular 2005 session.

SB 1065 expanded the Arizona Historical Advisory Commission, allowing it to plan the state's centennial celebration in 2012.

Ballenger's Camp, or what is now known as Brigham City was established in the late 1870s, and was formally named Brigham City in 1878.

Although the city was relatively prosperous, it was repeatedly washed out over the next few years, and in 1881, the remaining families left the area.

Following the settlers leaving, Brigham City was used as headquarters throughout construction of the railroad.

The City of Winslow purchased the area in 1947.

Boles explained the project to represent the "big cities," was a three-city project to restore Papago Park, and the committee has chosen Brigham City as the project to represent "little towns."

Boles noted that he had been meeting with Brent Brown of the Governor's office, and that both the commission and governor were behind the project.

"We hope to see movement in the area," he said.

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