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Mon, Jan. 27

Rolling along in the right direction

Thirteen months ago, I took the next step in my career by moving to a little town in rural Arizona. Now, I'm taking the next step.

The day this edition of the Winslow Mail hits newsstands, will also be my last day as Associate Editor of the paper. I've accepted a job with the Kingman Daily Miner, which I will begin on Monday.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading the newspaper as much as I've enjoyed creating it every week. And I hope that all of you, like me, realize that Winslow is a bustling interesting town that never lacks for excitement. Sure city operations may not be as thrilling as say a certain festival taking place this weekend, but every event that happens, whether unusual or mundane, is part of what makes Winslow the town it is.

That's what I hope I have done throughout the past 13 months. I hope that all of our loyal readers have a better understanding of their community and appreciate its diversity.

There have been many changes in the town over the past 13 months and there will be more in the coming months too. I will definitely continue to follow the progress of Winslow because I still feel like part of the community. I invested a good deal of my time in exploring the heart of Winslow and what makes it beat.

I also spent a lot of energy on improving the paper so it would be something of which residents could be proud.

I would probably feel nervous about leaving "my baby" after nurturing it all these months, except that I feel very confident that the paper is in capable hands.

Christyl Buckles will be continuing to move the paper in the right direction and will no doubt improve it. You may have seen her name before in the Mail. She covered Navajo County for the Holbrook Tribune-News for the past two years. It was that experience and knowledge that made her our top choice to replace me. I hope everyone in town will treat her as well as you've treated me.

There are some people I will truly miss. I was fortunate to work with such a great staff here. Katie, Deidre, Shauna, Kyle, Duke, Lynda, Doug, Sean and Dick, you all have been a tremendous help to me and are the biggest reason for the paper's success.

I especially need to thank the paper's magnificent sports writer, Sam Conner. I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to talking Diamondbacks and Bulldogs with you for years to come.

Thank you to everyone in the city offices and the schools who returned my phone calls and provided me with the information I needed to perform my job better.

And thank you to those people who personally told me that you liked the changes and pictures and stories in the Mail. There is no better complement to a reporter than hearing that people read and enjoy their newspaper.

I wish the community continued growth and improvement. I hope Christyl has as much fun as I did, especially with the crazy (and hard-working) staff.

I am proud to have been a part of the community and of the history of the Winslow Mail.

Go Bulldogs!

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