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Sat, Jan. 18

Disappointed in same-sex marriage restrictions

In regards to reports that the Navajo Nation has “outlawed” same-sex marriage. I find the passage of such an act to be incredibly disappointing, especially by people who have suffered from discrimination throughout history themselves.

I enjoyed a visit with my boyfriend to the Navajo Nation about five years ago. However, the positive image we had of Navajos as friendly people has now vanished in large part.

While your council may not want to legalize gay marriage for whatever reasons, going out of its way to prohibit gay marriage is just downright spiteful. There are undoubtedly many gay people in your community who feel completely downtrodden who are not treated equally evem by their own government, which has gone to extra lengths to ensure that they have fewer rights. I am sure this move will aid in the exodus of any of your people who happen to have a slightly open, modern or progressive mentality, along with those who happen to fall in love with somebody of the same sex.

Special efforts to discriminate against people is pathetic and reproachable for a group that has suffered from discrimination itself.

D. Prats

Madrid, Spain

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