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Wed, Feb. 26

This Week in Winslow History<br>

10 years ago

Northern Arizona became a hotspot of FBI activity this week in 1995 after it was learned that John Doe No. 2, Gary Land, a suspect in the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City on April 19, had stayed in hotels in Holbrook.

The national manhunt led to the arrest of suspects Robert Jacks and Land in a motel in Missouri. The FBI also searched homes in Kingman of former co-workers of bomber Tim McVeigh.

20 years ago

The Hopi Tribe signed an agreement with Young An Hat Company of Seoul, South Korea to take over the former BVD factory west of Winslow.

The company said they expected to hire 100 people in the first year and expand to a workforce of 400 by the fourth year of operation. The BVD plant had been vacant for 10 years at that time.

30 years ago

The Winslow Fire Department was planning its first open house at its new location, 901 E. Third Street, which it occupied in January of 1975.

Children could ride the trucks while firefighters gave demonstrations and competed with other fire departments in skills competitions.

80 years ago

Winslow was the focus of the boxing world as Kelly Hall was to host a fight between Jack Lynch from Prescott and “Fireman” Jim Flynn, the only man to knock out world champion Jack Dempsey.

The fight was part of the festivities of including the Winslow Airport as part of the Tri-State Airway (California, Arizona and New Mexico).

The fight was never in doubt as Lynch knocked out Flynn in the fourth round despite fighting with a broken right hand.

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