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Tue, July 07

Speed bumps & potholes create a Rez dilemma

If you have an automobile of your own and want it to last, won’t you take good care of it? Drive it on well-maintained roads? Your answer would be yes.

While driving around the Tuba City area, unfortunately from what I have observed, I would just assume [I will] spend some money on front end alignment and get ready to buy new ball joints. Better yet, might as well turn these so-called paved roads back into dirt roads.

Have you ever hit a pothole going at the posted speed limit? You are in for an awakening, especially driving at night and not familiar with the local area. There are numerous potholes all around the Tuba City area. I got to know them, the location and even named my favorite ones.

Another rude awakening is a speed bump. A speed bump has very little use besides being annoying. For example, once a speedster has negotiated the first speed bump, then he or she will race to the next one. Now, just think for a moment. It also puts wear and tear on your favorite ride, not to mention you just spilled coffee all over your favorite slacks. The huge one by the hospital–there is enough concrete there to fill in at least three potholes. If you have a low rider, I feel for you.

In other towns and cities off the Rez, people pay city and county taxes, which is used to improve roads, etc. Yes, each one of us pays some kind of tax in our daily lives, but who maintains these roads locally in our small towns on the Navajo Nation?

I reside in the Navajo Housing Authority area. This area has both speed bumps and potholes. In this area, NHA maintenance personnel try and fill in potholes with dirt, which only lasts a day or two. Why not fill them in permanently or reconstruct the roads? I believe that someone in a leadership position is sitting on the funds needed, while we keep on buying tires because they have worn on the inside due to the alignment.

The local Diné people would like to know the answer to these questions. Does the town have a shortage in money and labor? What can the local people do to help? Has this problem been addressed in local chapter meetings? Who has the answers?

Gil Yazzie

Tuba City, Ariz.

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