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Thu, Aug. 05

Greyhills senior scholarships grow

TUBA CITY — Three more seniors from Greyhills Academy High School have received recognition for their academic achievements by receiving scholarships from the Arizona State University.

Monica Huber received the Provost’s Scholarship, which is awarded to outstanding students, who either rank in the top of their high school graduating class or meet class selection criteria based on a combination of GPA, ACT or SAT scores and class ranking. Huber is eligible to receive an annual cash award of $6,000. This award is renewable for three years. The total potential value of this award is $24,000.

Davannah Acothley and Natalica Nez were garnered the University Scholarship —awarded to outstanding students who meet selection criteria based on GPA and ACT or SAT test scores. Acothley and Nez are eligible to receive a cash award of $2,000 each respectively. This award is renewable for three years. The total potential value of this award is $8,000.

Acothley said that she worked hard and glad for her scholarship.

“I will be able to pursue my educational goals with this scholarship,” Acothley said. “I’ve learned that working hard in high school brings positive results. I’m grateful to my teachers and counselors for helping me with my preparation to go to college. It has placed in a good position where I can help my family, my community and the Navajo Nation.

Natalica Nez is a recipient of the Wildcat Excellence Award from the University of Arizona. The award is offered to a select number of Arizona resident. The award values in ranges from $1,000 to $7,000 and is renewable for three additional years if the academic standards enclosed with the award offer are maintained.

Nez said that she is planning to attend the University of Arizona this summer and fall and is grateful for the award. She is planning to study astronomy.

“I am grateful that I have achieved this award,” said Nez. “It is good that I am able to receive any kind of financial assistance.”

Nez said that she is thankful to her mother for helping her realize what kind of life she wants. She also attributes help to her friends by competing with her and advising her on her goals as well as providing motivation for her.

“I knew college would be expensive, and I know I will attend U of A on scholarships,” Nez said. “Little contributions like this award are great for me towards achieving my education and career goals.”

She said that Greyhills students need to follow through with their goals if they plan to seek higher education and plan to understand life outside the reservation. Nez said that Greyhills Academy prepared her for college but would have appreciated in knowing about summer programs that were available early in high school so she could have taken advantage of going on those academics advancement courses.

“I learned there are plenty of enrichment programs out there, which are free, yet you have to seek them out yourself,” Nez said.

Huber said that receiving the scholarship means a lot to her, as she will be able to further her education. She said that the scholarship also shows her that all of her hard work in high school has paid off.

“Greyhills prepared me for this scholarship and college by providing me with the classes I needed and accepting me to go to school here,” said Huber. “Also, my teachers and counselors encouraged me to do better academically so I was able to qualify for the scholarship.”

Huber said that she received her scholarship through her exceptional performance in high school and applying to ASU.

She urges high school students to study hard and to put their education first in order to be successful and a way to be independent out of high school.

“I would advise students to do well in school, because you never know what the outcomes of doing good will bring, and your education can take you further in life. I think this scholarship is a good way for me to be independent because I won’t be relying on my parents except for their moral support,” Huber stated.

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