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Mon, April 06

Front Page History
A look at the top stories from the archives of the Winslow Mail

15 years ago

Northern Arizona residents were given a tour this week in 1990 of the charred remains from the "Dude" forest fire, which devastated the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest for eight days.

Lightning on June 25 caused the fire, which destroyed 28,000 acres, 60 homes and killed six people. The fire also destroyed the historic cabin home of writer Zane Grey.

43 years ago

The Winslow Police Department announced heftier fines for parking meter violators this week in 1962. People who received tickets would be forced to pay $1 within 24 hours, $2 within 48 hours or face up to 90 days in jail and up to $300 in fines. The largest damages were saved for "unusual cases" and most violators could expect to pay $7 plus court fines for outstanding tickets.

Police said the increased fines were necessary by offering the following information: between July 3-11, police issued 93 parking violations. Late fee notices were sent to 63 of those cases.

63 years ago

Winslow joined the nation in celebrating American Heroes Day on July 17, 1942. Businesses throughout Winslow and the country were encouraging Americans to buy war bonds and stamps as part of a month-long push to help in the war effort.

Winslow also took part in collecting old phonograph records to be sold for scrap. Proceeds would purchase new records to be sent to servicemen overseas. Winslow's Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts collected 500 records in the first day of the drive.

76 years ago

"Talkie" motion pictures made their first appearance in Winslow on July 15, 1929. The Rialto Theater made $20,000 in sound equipment upgrades to be able to show movies in Vitaphone and Movietone as part of its two-year anniversary. The Rialto was the first theater in Northern Arizona to show "talkies."

"Broadway Melody," the Academy Award Wining Best Picture of 1928/29, was a hit in Winslow. A photograph shows a huge crowd standing in line for the movie on opening night. The technological achievement was heralded in town as many businesses placed ads congratulating the Rialto for bringing the latest from Hollywood to Winslow.

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