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Tue, Jan. 21

Seeks support for trip to D.C.

Hello to everyone. My name is Corianne M. Biligody, and I currently attend Tuba City High School where I am a junior.

My father is Lauritz H. Biligody of Tuba City , and my mother is Rose Biligody (Lee) of Shiprock, N.M. I’m Ashiihii (Salt) and Born for Tod ichiinii (Bitter Water)

Through my school, my name was submitted and now I’ve been nominated to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on Defense, Intelligence and Diplomacy. I’m scheduled for the March 2005 session in Washington, D.C. This program will give me much awareness on the outlook in leadership, self-pride and working with other students to better prepare for the future.

I know that this program will greatly benefit me, for I do want to pursue my education after high school and become a leader or go into the military service. Various members of my family have been or are currently in the Armed Forces.

I am deeply appreciative of the Navajo Code Talkers. They were fine young men that used our language to save many lives.

I want to ask for your assistance to give me the opportunity to attend this educational forum in Washington, D.C. I am requesting monetary donations to assist me with travel expenses.

Make donations to: Corianne M. Biligody, PO Box 3142, Tuba City, Ariz. 86045.

Corianne M. Biligody

Tuba City, Ariz.

Sends message to elected officials

The administration spent months building a legal justification for torture. Its advisors wrote that what we’re doing is not really “torture;” even if it is really torture, as commander-in-chief the president can order torture if we’re at war; and even if he can’t usually order torture legally, even as commander-in-chief, he can in this case because of the dangers to national security.

Hogwash. What U.S. soldiers, agents and contractors did to other people, as shown in photos and described by witnesses, was most definitely torture under common sense, much less U.S. statute, U.S. treaty obligations and international law. There is no “unless the U.S. president wants to” escape clause in any of those legally binding documents.

Our national security is damaged by our participation in torture, not helped by it. It creates blind rage against the United States. Our troops are in danger of “reciprocal torture” if they are captured. Studies and anecdotal evidence agree that reliable predictive information comes not through torture but through building a personal relationship of trust with those who are detained.

I want my elected officials, to hear this message: Use a common sense definition of “torture.” No torture in my name. Not ever, under any circumstances.

Norman T. Merkel

Scottsdale, Ariz.

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